UAE Newspapers Online & Latest News (Update List)

UAE Newspapers Online & Latest News (Update List)

UAE newspapers offer a variety of information, entertainment, and opinion articles. In addition to the traditional print medium, UAE newspapers are now also available online.

The first newspaper in the UAE was The Gulf News, which started publication in 1984. By 2006, there were 11 daily newspapers published across the UAE. There are now 17 newspapers published across the UAE as of 2016.The seven largest-selling newspapers in terms of circulation are:

UAE newspapers have a long history of being the main source of information for citizens in the UAE. They cover everything from local news to international events. They provide readers with a wide range of opinions on current affairs and events from around the world as well as coverage of local sports and culture.

The UAE’s many newspapers include Al Ittihad, Al Khaleej, The National and Time. Daily English Newspapers:”The National” is the flagship English-language newspaper of Abu Dhabi. “The Gulf News” is an English-language daily newspaper based in Dubai that covers news from the United Arab Emirates.

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Top 10 UAE Newspapers

Let’s see the top ten UAE Newspaper which are cover UAE locally and internationally news

Khaleej Times

Khaleej Times is an English language daily newspaper in the United Arab Emirates. It is the country’s first English language newspaper, and was established in 1978.The newspaper provides a variety of content, including political news, sports, culture, and local news. They also publish international news from different countries around the world.

The Khaleej Times website provides daily updates on local and foreign news as well as economic news.

Al Bayan

Al Bayan is an Arabic language newspaper published in the UAE. It is one of the most popular newspapers in the UAE. Although it was first published in 10 May 1980 and it has been operating ever since. but it offers a variety of topics, including politics, sports, culture and daily updates like international newspaper.

As well as, the paper is updated daily with local news and foreign news. It also covers economic news, which includes stock market updates, currency rates and commodity prices.

Al Ittihad

Al Ittihad is one of the leading newspapers in the United Arab Emirates. It is a UAE-based newspaper which publishes in Arabic . The paper is published in Dubai, Abu Dhab. The newspaper covers all major events happening locally and internationally with an emphasis on political news, sports news, local news and foreign news.

Al Khaleej

Al Khaleej is one of the most popular newspapers in the United Arab Emirates. It is an another local newspaper published in Arabic.

The Al Khaleej publishes local, regional, international and sports news. It also publishes editorials on political affairs and has a dedicated sports section for football, cricket, tennis and other sports. Although it is local newspaper but it cover Inter national news also.

National (Abu Dhabi)

The National was founded in 2008, setting a new standard for quality journalism in the Middle East. It  is an another one of the most popular newspapers in the United Arab Emirates.

The National (Abu Dhabi) mainly publishes local news and political news from around Abu Dhabi and UAE. Since it is English language newspaper. It covers international news also.  AS well as, they also cover sports news, economic news, foreign news and other topics.

Gulf News

Gulf News is a UAE-based English language newspaper. It was established in the year 1978 and it is one of the most popular newspapers.

It provides news on local, regional, and international affairs. The Gulf News also has an online presence with a digital edition that is updated every day.

Emarat al Youm

Emaratalyoum is an another Arabic-language newspaper published in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The newspaper is published daily in broadsheet format and its chief editor is Sami Al Reyami.

The paper publishes a range of national, regional and international news, including political news, sports news, local news and foreign news. It also publishes economic news such as stock market indices and oil price movements‎ is a UAE based news portal that provides its readers with all the latest and breaking news in the country. It has been providing this service since 2009 and has now become one of the most popular online newspapers in the region.

The website is updated every day with new stories and it also includes sections for politics, sports, local news, foreign news, and economic news.


Emaratyah is a leading UAE newspaper with extensive coverage of political, sports, and local news from around the UAE. It also provides extensive coverage of foreign news from around the world. The newspaper has a wide readership across the Arab world, mainly in the United Arab Emirates.

Arabian Business

Arabian Business is a UAE-based English language newspaper that was founded in 2001. It provides a wide range of news and information on the economy, politics, sports, and more.

Since the Arabian Business is an English language newspaper, so international people also read it. The paper also covers foreign news such as global economic developments and international business trends.

UAE Newspapers And News Sites

Hopefully, these are the list of UAE Newspapers and Online News Portal Sites List help you to know about UAE and global news . You can read them in online media and hard copy everyday.

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