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Usually, we are accustomed to reading our own country’s newspapers. From where we get news from home and abroad. There was a time when newspapers were only printed. But with the passage of time, we can now read the news online. Even if you don’t have enough time, you can read the news on time, so online is an alternative system. Not just limited to this, you can read news of other countries online if you want. In other words, online can be called an alternative system. In today’s post, I will write the details of the top list of Ohio Newspapers and online newspapers also. Those interested in learning about Ohio’s news can also find out the details.

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Ohio Newspapers

About Ohio Newspapers

Ohio is home to many newspapers that cover news, politics, and events from across the state. The newspapers in Ohio are known for their strong journalism and coverage of important issues.

One of the largest newspapers in Ohio is The Columbus Dispatch, which has been serving the capital city of Columbus since 1871. The newspaper covers a wide range of topics, including politics, sports, business, and entertainment. It is known for its in-depth reporting on local and national issues and has won numerous awards for its journalism.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is another major newspaper in Ohio. Founded in 1842, the newspaper is the largest in Northeast Ohio and is known for its coverage of news, sports, and entertainment. The Plain Dealer has won many Pulitzer Prizes for its journalism and is highly respected in the state.

Other notable newspapers in Ohio include The Cincinnati Enquirer, which has been serving the Cincinnati area since 1841, and The Toledo Blade, which has been publishing since 1835. These newspapers cover a range of topics and provide important coverage of local and national events.

In addition to these major newspapers, Ohio is also home to many smaller community newspapers that cover news and events in specific regions of the state. These newspapers are an important source of information for local residents and provide coverage of issues that may not be covered by larger newspapers.

Overall, Ohio newspapers are known for their strong journalism and commitment to covering important issues. Whether you live in a large city or a small town, you can find a newspaper that provides valuable information about the state of Ohio.

Top List Of Ohio Newspapers

The Plain Dealer

The Plain Dealer was first launched on January 1842 by Admiral Nelson Gray and Joseph William Gray. It publishes in broadsheet format. The paper is owned by Advance Publications. A daily version of it is available electronically as well as in-store print. The daily circulation of this paper is 94,838 and Sunday 171,404.

The Cincinnati Enquirer

The Cincinnati Enquirer is a leading daily newspaper in Ohio. It was founded in 1841. The paper prints in a compact format. It has won the Pulitzer prize in 2018. It features local news, sports, politics, communities, jobs, politics, and more.

The Columbus Dispatch

The Columbus Dispatch was established in June 1871 with a financial capital of US$900. This daily newspaper prints in compact, three-around format. Alan D. Miller is the publisher and editor of this paper. Its daily circulation is 81,291 and Sunday 140,307.


News-Herald is a broadsheet format daily newspaper. Digital First Media is the current owner of this paper. The headquarter is situated on Mentor Avenue Willoughby, Ohio. Tricia Ambrose is the chief editor of this newspaper. It covers various news like the marketplace, entertainment, travel, music, restaurant, theater, comics, and many more.

Dayton Daily News

Dayton Daily News was founded in 1898. Cox Enterprises is the present owner of this paper. The agency responded that it was protecting the freedom of expression of all human beings. The paper’s printing press and editorial office were situated in Dayton for more than 100 years.

Akron Beacon Journal

Akron Beacon Journal was established in 1839. It is a daily newspaper owned by Gannett. It has won four Pulitzer Prizes. Paper coverage focuses mainly on local news.

Daily newspapers in Ohio

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Q: What are Ohio newspapers?

A: Ohio newspapers are print or digital publications that provide news, information, and commentary to the people of Ohio.

Q: How many newspapers are published in Ohio?

A: There are over 200 newspapers published in Ohio, including daily, weekly, and specialty publications.

Q: What are some of the largest newspapers in Ohio?

A: The largest newspapers in Ohio include The Plain Dealer (Cleveland), The Columbus Dispatch, The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Blade (Toledo), and The Akron Beacon Journal.

Q: What types of news do Ohio newspapers cover?

A: Ohio newspapers cover a wide range of topics, including local and national news, politics, sports, business, entertainment, and community events.

Q: How can I access Ohio newspapers?

A: Ohio newspapers are available in print and online. Many newspapers have websites where you can read articles and subscribe to digital editions. Some newspapers also offer mobile apps.

Q: Are Ohio newspapers free?

A: Some Ohio newspapers offer free content online, while others require a subscription to access certain articles or features. Print editions of newspapers may also require a fee.

Q: Can I submit a story or letter to the editor of an Ohio newspaper?

A: Many Ohio newspapers welcome submissions from readers, including letters to the editor, opinion pieces, and news tips. Contact the newspaper directly to find out their submission guidelines.

Q: Are Ohio newspapers biased?

A: Like all media outlets, Ohio newspapers may have their own biases and viewpoints. It is important to read a variety of sources and form your own opinions.

Q: How can I stay up-to-date with Ohio news?

A: You can stay up-to-date with Ohio news by reading newspapers, following local news websites and social media accounts, and watching local TV news broadcasts.

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