Iraqi Newspapers & Latest News (Update List)

You can find out about Iraqi Newspapers and their sites from today’s full post. Iraq is a Muslim country in West Asia. About 99% of the population here is Muslim, with a small minority of Christians. It is bordered by Iran to the east, Syria to the west, Turkey to the north, and Saudi Arabia to the south. To its south flow two significant rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates. According to the 2018 census, the total population is 38.43 million. Socially, Iraq is a rich country with a rich heritage. Of all the Arab countries, it has the finest sculptors and painters. Along with all the traditional things here, its newspapers are also very popular all over the world.

Attractions for travelers in Iraq include Al-Kifl, Al-Quanah, Al-Ukhaidir, and Amadiya. Al-Kifl is a city in southeastern Iraq that is the main reason for the location of Ezekiel’s tomb. Every year thousands of Jews visit this place. Al Quanah is another attraction in southern Iraq that intersects the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Visitors can go to the specific place where the rivers meet. Al-Ukhaidir is also called the Abbasid Palace of Ukhaidar and is located near Karbala. The town of Amadia is situated on a rugged hilltop which is 1500 m above sea level. So, the various attractions to visit are the King’s Tomb, Badinan Gate, the beautiful view from the top of the mosque, Market Street, Sulav Springs, and the town of Kani.

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Iraqi Newspapers

About Iraqi Newspapers

Iraq has a vibrant and diverse media landscape, with a variety of newspapers serving different political, religious, and linguistic communities. Some of the most prominent Iraqi newspapers are:

  1. Al-Sabah: One of the oldest newspapers in Iraq, Al-Sabah is a state-owned daily newspaper that was founded in 1927. It is published in Arabic and covers national and international news, politics, business, sports, and culture.
  2. Al-Mada: Established in 2003, Al-Mada is a privately-owned daily newspaper that is published in Arabic. It is known for its critical reporting and has been described as one of the most influential newspapers in Iraq.
  3. Al-Zaman: Founded in 1997, Al-Zaman is a privately-owned daily newspaper that is published in Arabic. It is known for its independent and critical reporting, and has been targeted by the Iraqi government in the past.
  4. Rudaw: Established in 2013, Rudaw is a privately-owned daily newspaper that is published in Kurdish and English. It is based in Erbil and covers news and current affairs from Iraq, Kurdistan, and the wider Middle East.
  5. Al-Iraqiya: Another state-owned newspaper, Al-Iraqiya is a daily newspaper that is published in Arabic. It is known for its pro-government stance and is often criticized for its lack of critical reporting.
  6. Al-Masar Al-Oula: Founded in 2004, Al-Masar Al-Oula is a privately-owned daily newspaper that is published in Arabic. It is known for its liberal and secular stance, and its critical reporting on government corruption and human rights abuses.
  7. Al-Mustaqbal: Established in 2004, Al-Mustaqbal is a privately-owned daily newspaper that is published in Arabic. It is known for its conservative and pro-Sunni stance, and is often critical of the Shia-led government.

Overall, Iraqi newspapers reflect the diverse political and social landscape of the country. While some newspapers are known for their independent and critical reporting, others are criticized for their lack of objectivity and their allegiance to political or religious groups. Despite the challenges faced by the Iraqi media, newspapers continue to play an important role in shaping public opinion and providing a platform for debate and discussion.

Top 10 Iraqi Newspapers

Shafaq News

Shafaq News is a very popular Arabic language newspaper in Iraq. But you can translate it into English and Kurdish language. It features news such as economy, security, politics, sports, national & international, entertainment, and many more.

Hatha Alyoum

The headquarter of Hatha Alyoum locates in Baghdad, Iraq. With five main sources, it was first published in 2011. The service has been published in about 6,000 sources over the years including the official Iraqi website, according to local media in Iraq. Hatha al-Youm Publishing Ltd. is the owner of this paper.


Kitabat is a comprehensive independent electronic news newspaper. Mainly it deals with the news of Iraq and the world. This paper is available in the Arabic language. It features culture, business, economy, science, technology, lifestyle, art, and current updates.


Awena is a weekly newspaper published on Tuesdays. It starts its journey in January 2006 by Asos Ahmed Hardi. The daily reported a circulation of 17,000 in 2009. This paper publishes its article in the Kurdish language. Its political alliance is independent.

Iraqi News 

Iraqi News is an online English-language newspaper. It focuses on events in Iraq and the wider Middle East. It was first launched in February 2003. The paper has been mentioned thousands of times by other news vendors. The site describes itself as personal and does not provide any ownership or management information on the page about the site.

Al Sabah 

Al Sabah is a daily morning newspaper. Iraqi Media Network is the publisher of this paper. The headquarter of this paper locates in Baghdad, Iraq. After the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime, it was founded in 2003.


Al-Mashriq is a leading daily newspaper. Sabah Al Lami is the editor of this paper. It was established in 2003 following the US invasion of Iraq. Except for Fridays, it is published daily. It covers all news in the Arabic language. The paper features business, art, health, medical, travel, and many more.

Iraqi Latest News And News Sites

Hope you enjoyed learning about Iraqi Newspapers from today’s post. You can read the news directly from the newspaper’s website by clicking on each of the links given here.


Q: What are some popular Iraqi newspapers?

A: Some popular Iraqi newspapers include Al-Mada, Al-Sabah, Al-Zaman, Al-Adalah, Al-Furat, and Al-Sumaria.

Q: Are there any government-run newspapers in Iraq?

A: Yes, there are government-run newspapers in Iraq, including Al-Sabah, which is published by the Ministry of Culture and Information.

Q: What language are Iraqi newspapers published in?

A: Iraqi newspapers are typically published in Arabic, which is the official language of Iraq.

Q: Are there any English-language newspapers in Iraq?

A: Yes, there are a few English-language newspapers in Iraq, including the Baghdad Post and the Kurdish Globe.

Q: Can I access Iraqi newspapers online?

A: Yes, many Iraqi newspapers have an online presence, and you can access them through their websites or social media accounts.

Q: Is the media in Iraq free and independent?

A: While Iraq has relatively free and independent media compared to some other countries in the region, journalists and media outlets still face censorship, threats, and violence from various sources.

Q: Are there any restrictions on what Iraqi newspapers can publish?

A: Yes, there are some restrictions on what Iraqi newspapers can publish, particularly when it comes to sensitive political issues or criticism of the government.

Q: Can foreigners work for Iraqi newspapers?

A: Yes, foreigners can work for Iraqi newspapers, but they may need to obtain a work permit and meet certain qualifications.

Q: What types of news stories do Iraqi newspapers typically cover?

A: Iraqi newspapers typically cover a wide range of news stories, including politics, business, sports, culture, and social issues. They may also have sections dedicated to international news and opinion pieces.

Q: How can I submit a story or article to an Iraqi newspaper?

A: To submit a story or article to an Iraqi newspaper, you can contact the newspaper directly through their website or social media accounts. Be sure to follow their submission guidelines and editorial policies.

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