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Those who like to read Arabic News can find out more about Iran Newspapers from today’s post. The Islamic Republic of Iran is a country in West Asia, also known as Persia. The land area of the country is 1.648 km2 and the population is 83 million. Tehran is the capital, the center of the economy and politics, and the most populous city in West Asia. This country is home to some of the oldest civilizations, such as the Elamite Kingdom, dating to the 4th millennium BC. In the 19th century, it lost some territories due to the conflict between Russia and the United Kingdom but remained one of the few non-European states.

The Constitutional Revolution of Persia was established in the early 20th century and it became a larger democracy. The country’s core economy is a mixture of oil state ownership, agriculture, central planning, and private trade initiatives. Its GDP in 2017 was recorded at 427.7 billion and PPP was 63 1.631 trillion dollars. Its main exports, however, are natural gas and oil, which account for up to 82% of export earnings. Other exports include fruits, metals, plastics, chemicals, and ceramics. Its artners are China, Japan, and Turkey. Although the country’s main importers are iron, steel, food grains, chemicals, and machinery. Its import partners are China, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Germany. Let’s find out about its media and newspapers from the rest of the post.

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Iran Newspapers

About Iran Newspapers

Iran has a vibrant and diverse media landscape, with a wide range of newspapers catering to various political, social, and cultural interests. While the Iranian government tightly controls media outlets, including newspapers, there are still a number of independent and critical newspapers in circulation.

One of the oldest and most prominent newspapers in Iran is Ettela’at, which has been in operation since 1926. It is a state-owned newspaper and is considered to be the official voice of the government. The paper covers both domestic and international news, and its editorial line is generally supportive of the government’s policies.

Another major newspaper in Iran is Kayhan, which is also state-owned but has a more conservative editorial line than Ettela’at. Kayhan is known for its hardline stance on domestic and foreign policy issues, and it has been criticized for its support of the government’s crackdown on dissent.

On the other end of the political spectrum, there are several reformist newspapers in Iran, including Shargh, Hamshahri, and Etemaad. These newspapers generally have a more liberal editorial line and are critical of the government’s policies, particularly on issues such as human rights, freedom of speech, and political reform.

There are also a number of independent newspapers in Iran that operate outside of the state-controlled media landscape. These include the online newspaper Rooz Online, which is based in London and is critical of the government’s policies, and the satirical newspaper Khabarnameh, which is known for its humorous take on political and social issues.

Overall, Iran’s newspapers reflect the country’s complex political and social landscape. While the government controls the majority of media outlets, there are still voices of dissent and independent journalism in circulation.

Top 10 Iran Newspapers

Donyaye eqtesad (Persian: دنیای اقتصاد‎)

Donyay-e-Eqtesad is a broadsheet format daily newspaper. This is also a book publisher. It was established in October 2002. It is one of the most widely circulated newspapers in Iran. Alireza Bakhtiari is the owner of this paper. It had almost 50,000 circulations. DEN Group is the publisher and Ali Mirzakhani is the editor of this paper. It contains regular editorial articles and analytical comments on domestic and world economies.

Ettela’at International

Ettela’at International is a very popular daily newspaper. Iran Chap Organisation is the owner of this paper. It was founded on 10 July 1926 by Abbas Massoudi. Iran Chap Organisation is the publisher of this paper.


Entekhab is a Persian language newspaper. It was started its journey in 1991 by Mohammad Mahdi Faghihi. Instructed to close this paper as soon as it started. Although it was later reopened, the paper was banned in 2004. The paper still operates an online version and is one of the most popular news websites with a focus on foreign policy and domestic issues.

Jaam-e Jam (Persian: جام جم‎)

Jaam-e Jam is a Persian language daily newspaper. IRIB is the owner and publisher of this paper. It was founded on 29 March 2000. Akbar Yaghoobi is the chief editor of this paper. It had more than 90,000 circulations daily. The headquarters locates in Mirdamad Boulevard, Tehran, Iran.

Hamshahri (Persian: همشهری‎)

Hamshahri is a broadsheet format daily newspaper. It is Iran’s first color daily newspaper and has over 60 pages of classified ads. It was first launched on 15 December 1992 by Gholamhossein Karbaschi. This Persian language newspaper locates in Tehran. The municipality of Tehran is the owner of this paper.

Kayhan (Persian: کيهان‎)

Kayhan was first launched in February 1943 by Mostafa Mesbahzadeh and Abdulrahman Faramarzi. It has about 1,000 employees all over the world. Keyhan Institute is the current owner of this paper.


Shargh is a broadsheet format leading newspaper in Iran. It was established on 24 August 2003. Mehdi Rahmanian is the owner of this paper. Its headquarter locates in Argentina Street, Tehran, Iran. Golriz Institute is the publisher and Ahmad Gholami is the editor of this paper.

Tehran Times

Tehran Times is an Internet resource Daily newspaper. The Islamic Ideology Dissemination Organization is the owner of this paper. It was first released on 21 May 1979. Policymakers, ambassadors, academics, and international affairs analysts often contribute to the paper.

Iran Latest News And News Sites

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Q: What are the most popular newspapers in Iran?

A: Some of the most popular newspapers in Iran are Etemaad, Shargh, Hamshahri, Jomhouri Eslami, and Kayhan.

Q: What is the political affiliation of these newspapers?

A: Each of these newspapers has a different political affiliation. Etemaad and Shargh are considered reformist newspapers, Hamshahri is considered centrist, Jomhouri Eslami is considered conservative, and Kayhan is considered ultra-conservative.

Q: Are newspapers in Iran censored by the government?

A: Yes, newspapers in Iran are subject to censorship by the government. The government has the power to ban newspapers, censor content, and imprison journalists who write critical articles.

Q: What kind of topics do Iranian newspapers cover?

A: Iranian newspapers cover a wide range of topics including politics, economics, culture, sports, and international news. Some newspapers also have sections on religion and spirituality.

Q: Are there any English-language newspapers in Iran?

A: Yes, there are several English-language newspapers in Iran, including Tehran Times, Iran Daily, and Financial Tribune.

Q: Can people outside Iran access Iranian newspapers online?

A: Yes, many Iranian newspapers have online editions that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Q: How do Iranian newspapers compare to newspapers in other countries?

A: Iranian newspapers are heavily influenced by the political climate in the country, and their reporting often reflects the government’s stance on issues. Compared to newspapers in other countries, Iranian newspapers are generally more censored and have fewer freedoms when it comes to reporting on sensitive topics.

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