South Carolina Newspapers Online & Latest News (Update List)

South Carolina Newspapers Online & Latest News (Update List)

South Carolina in the southeastern United States known for its wetland coastal islands and coastal beaches. During the populist and agrarian movements in the 1990s, the state became a center of ethnic and economic tension. At one time an independent state was formed. Newspapers are a great way to know the regular updates of a country. This state has its own edited newspaper which is very popular in other countries. Newspapers of different states are regularly updated on our website. Today’s post discusses South Carolina Newspapers and online news sites in detail. Those who are interested to know about the newspapers of this state will benefit from reading this post.

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South Carolina Newspapers

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List Of South Carolina Newspapers

The Post and Courier

The Post and Courier is a leading daily newspaper in South Carolina. It is the biggest newspaper in this state. It identifies its descendants in three newspapers. The Charleston Courier was established in 1803, the Charleston Daily News was established in 1865, and The Evening Post was established in 1894. Evening Post Industries is the present owner of this paper.

Asheville Citizen-Time

Asheville Citizen-Time was established as a weekly in 1870 and became a daily newspaper in 1885. It publishes in the American English language. This daily newspaper prints in broadsheet format. Katie Wadington is the news director and editor of this paper. It features news such as weather, job, sports, business, lifestyle, education, and more.


Herald-Journal is a daily broadsheet format newspaper. It features 3 times per week Saturday, Tuesday, & Thursday, and is distributed by mail. Adams Publishing Group is the current proprietor of this paper. It was founded in 1931. Its daily circulation was about 16,215.

The State

The State was established on 18 February 1891 by A.E. Gonzales and N.G. Gonzales. It is a daily newspaper publishes in the English language. Chatham Asset Management is the present owner of this paper. The paper covers business, politics, sports, entertainment, job, and more.

Greenville News

Greenville News is a morning newspaper in broadsheet format. This daily newspaper was first launched in 1874. It prints more than 50,000 newspapers every day.

Anderson Independent-Mail

Anderson Independent-Mail is an English language daily newspaper. It was founded in 1899. This paper is owned by Gannett.

Daily newspapers in South Carolina

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