Virginia Newspapers Online & Latest News (Update List)

Newspapers are inextricably linked with modern life. It is unthinkable that in this modern age no one will read a newspaper. However, many changes have taken place in this sector over time. Before people only read printed newspapers and now it is possible to read this online. News published online saves a lot of working people’s time and they can read the news at any time at their convenience. Which adds new dimensions to our modern life. Today’s post is written about the details of Virginia Newspapers and its online site. Virginia is a state in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions of the United States. News sites are one of the most developed media sectors in the state. Read the full post to know more about this.

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Virginia Newspapers

About Virginia Newspapers

Virginia is home to a diverse array of newspapers that cover local, regional, and national news. These newspapers serve as important sources of information for the state’s residents and visitors, covering a wide range of topics from politics and business to sports and entertainment. Here are some of the notable Virginia newspapers:

  1. The Richmond Times-Dispatch: The Times-Dispatch is the largest newspaper in Virginia and covers the state’s capital city of Richmond and the surrounding areas. The paper has won numerous awards for its investigative journalism and coverage of local and national news.
  2. The Virginian-Pilot: Based in Norfolk, The Virginian-Pilot is the largest daily newspaper in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, covering Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and other cities in the area. The paper has a long history, dating back to 1865, and has won multiple Pulitzer Prizes for its reporting.
  3. The Roanoke Times: The Roanoke Times is the primary newspaper serving the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas of southwest Virginia. The paper has a strong focus on local news and has won numerous awards for its coverage of issues affecting the region.
  4. The Daily Progress: Located in Charlottesville, The Daily Progress is the daily newspaper for the city and surrounding counties. The paper covers local news, sports, and events, and has a long history dating back to 1892.
  5. The Washington Post: Although not based in Virginia, The Washington Post is a major source of news for many residents of the state, particularly those in the northern and eastern parts of the state. The Post has a dedicated Virginia section and covers state politics, events, and other news of interest to Virginia readers.

In addition to these larger newspapers, Virginia also has a number of smaller community newspapers that serve specific towns and cities throughout the state. These papers play an important role in keeping residents informed about local news and events, and often provide a more in-depth look at issues affecting their communities.

Overall, Virginia is home to a vibrant and diverse newspaper industry that plays a vital role in keeping residents informed and engaged with the world around them.

List Of Virginia Newspapers & Latest News

The Virginian-Pilot

The Virginian-Pilot is a broadsheet format daily newspaper. It was first established in 1865 by Samuel Slover. The present owner of this paper is Tribune Publishing. It has won the famous three Pulitzer Prizes. Its daily circulation amount is 156,968.

Richmond Times-Dispatch

Richmond Times-Dispatch daily morning newspaper in Virginia. Lee Enterprises is the current proprietor of this paper. It started its journey in 1850 by Cowardin and Davis. This is the second-highest circulation in the Virginia newspaper. The average weekday circulation of this paper is 89,401 and Sunday 120,280.

The Roanoke Times

The Roanoke Times is a primary daily newspaper. The paper features varieties of news such as the latest updates, crime, sports entertainment, technology, politics, lifestyle, buy & sell, jobs, and more. It was established in 1886. Its morning circulation number is 65,000.

Daily Press

Daily Press is a daily broadsheet format newspaper. The paper is owned by Tribune Publishing. It was first published in 1896. The daily circulation is 55,000 and Sunday 85,000. Par Ridder is the chief publisher of this paper.

Bristol Herald-Courier

The first issue date of Bristol Herald-Courier is August 1865 by John Slack. Its political coordination is completely independent. For public service, it has won Pulitzer Prize in 2010. It is also awarded more honors.

The News & Advance 

The News & Advance is a broadsheet format daily newspaper. It was launched on 15 January 1866. Newspapers use articles from news organizations such as the Associated Press as well as news organizations owned by the former Media General. It publishes news like sports, entertainment, lifestyle, jobs, crime, education, and more.

The Free Lance-Star

Daily News-Record

The Daily Progress

Suffolk News-Herald

Daily newspapers in Virginia

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Q: What are some popular Virginia newspapers?

A: Some popular newspapers in Virginia include The Virginian-Pilot, Richmond Times-Dispatch, The Roanoke Times, The Daily Progress, and The Free Lance-Star.

Q: How can I subscribe to a Virginia newspaper?

A: Most newspapers offer subscription services on their website. You can visit the website of the newspaper you are interested in and look for a “Subscribe” or “Get the Paper” button to sign up for a subscription.

Q: Can I access Virginia newspapers online?

A: Yes, most Virginia newspapers have online editions that can be accessed through their websites. Some newspapers may require a subscription to access their online content.

Q: What types of news do Virginia newspapers cover?

A: Virginia newspapers cover a wide range of news including local news, state news, national news, international news, sports, entertainment, business, and more.

Q: Are there any free newspapers in Virginia?

A: Yes, some newspapers in Virginia are free, particularly community newspapers that are delivered to residents in specific areas. However, most newspapers require a subscription fee to access their content.

Q: Can I submit a news tip or story to a Virginia newspaper?

A: Yes, most newspapers have a contact page on their website where you can submit a news tip or story idea. You can also reach out to specific journalists or editors at the newspaper.

Q: How can I advertise in a Virginia newspaper?

A: Most newspapers have an advertising department that can help you with advertising options and pricing. You can usually find contact information for the advertising department on the newspaper’s website.

Q: What is the largest Virginia newspaper by circulation?

A: The Virginian-Pilot is currently the largest Virginia newspaper by circulation.

Q: How often are Virginia newspapers published?

A: Most newspapers in Virginia are published daily or several times per week. Some community newspapers may be published weekly or monthly.

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