West Virginia Newspapers Online & Latest News (Update List)

Today’s article details West Virginia Newspapers and its news sites. Below is a description of the top newspapers in West Virginia. There is a link to each newspaper for the convenience of the readers.

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West Virginia Newspapers

About West Virginia Newspapers

West Virginia has a long history of newspapers that dates back to the 1700s when the state was still part of Virginia. Over time, numerous newspapers have been established in the state, some of which are still in print today.

One of the oldest newspapers in West Virginia is the Charleston Gazette-Mail, which was formed in 2015 after the Charleston Gazette and the Charleston Daily Mail merged. The Charleston Gazette had been in publication since 1873 and was known for its strong coverage of state politics and investigative reporting. The Charleston Daily Mail, on the other hand, was established in 1914 and was known for its coverage of sports and local news.

Another prominent newspaper in West Virginia is the Herald-Dispatch, which serves the Huntington and Tri-State area. The Herald-Dispatch was established in 1909 and has won numerous awards for its investigative reporting and coverage of local news.

Other notable newspapers in West Virginia include the Parkersburg News and Sentinel, the Martinsburg Journal, and the Dominion Post in Morgantown. Each of these newspapers has a long history of serving its local community with quality journalism and a commitment to accuracy and fairness.

West Virginia newspapers have faced challenges in recent years, like many other newspapers across the country, as readers have shifted to online sources for news. However, many West Virginia newspapers have adapted by expanding their online presence and offering digital subscriptions, while still maintaining their commitment to local journalism.

In summary, West Virginia newspapers have a long and rich history of providing quality journalism to their communities. While they face challenges in the digital age, they continue to play an important role in informing and shaping public opinion in the state.

List Of West Virginia Newspapers

The Herald-Dispatch

The Herald-Dispatch is a daily broadsheet newspaper. HD Media Co., LLC is the current owner of this paper. It was established in 1909. The daily circulation of this paper is 25,684 and Sunday 27,828. Jim Heady is the chief publisher of this paper. It covers sports, business, entertainment, current news, multimedia, and more.

Greenbrier Valley Ranger

Greenbrier Valley Ranger is a daily morning newspaper. It was first published in 1981. But the publication of June 3, 2020, is closed. Greenbrier Daily Newspapers Inc. is the proprietor of this paper. Its circulation is 24,053.

The Register-Herald

The Register-Herald is a six-day morning newspaper. Community Newspaper Holdings Inc. is the present owner and has a circulation of 19,237. J. Damon Cain is the editor and Frank Wood is the publisher of this paper. The first issue date of this paper is 1 January 1985. It prints all news in broadsheet format. It covers weather, health, sports, opinion, state & region, education, police & crime, and comics.

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

Bluefield Daily Telegraph is a broadsheet format newspaper. This is a five-day newspaper that is not delivered on Mondays or Saturdays. It was founded on 16 January 1896 by Hugh Ike Shott. The circulation number of this paper is 13,274. Randy Mooney is the publisher and Samantha Perry is the editor of this paper. It also gains various awards.

The State Journal

The State Journal is a daily newspaper published in the English language. It was established on 7 January 1900 by John Meloan. Frankfort Newsmedia is the present owner of the Journal. It is a medium daily newspaper based in Frankfurt, Kentucky. It publishes news such as current updates, crime, education, business, sports, and more.

Hampshire Review

The first issue date of Hampshire Review is 1884 by the Review Company. It is a weekly broadsheet newspaper. Cornwell & Ailes Inc. is the present proprietor of this paper. It has a circulation of 7,150. Craig See is the publisher and editor of this newspaper.

Spirit Of Jefferson

Spirit Of Jefferson is a weekly independent magazine. This longest-running paper was established in 1844. Craig C. is the publisher of this paper. Its sibling magazine is the Hampshire Review.

Morgan Messenger

Morgan Messenger was established in 1893 by Berkeley Springs. Morgan Messenger, Inc. is the owner of this paper. Its circulation is about 4,400. It is a weekly paper that publishes in the English language. The paper mainly covers current updates, outdoor sports, religious news, technology, business, health, and more.

Princeton Times

Princeton Times is a weekly newspaper in West Virginia. With the help of Mercer County residents, it was founded in 1961. Community Newspaper Holdings is the current proprietor of this paper.

Daily newspapers in West Virginia

This article will help you to know the details of the top list of West Virginia Newspapers and Daily Newspapers. You can read the news directly from the website by clicking on the accompanying link.


Q: What are some of the major newspapers in West Virginia?

A: Some of the major newspapers in West Virginia include the Charleston Gazette-Mail, the Huntington Herald-Dispatch, the Parkersburg News and Sentinel, and the Martinsburg Journal.

Q: Are there any online-only newspapers in West Virginia?

A: Yes, there are several online-only newspapers in West Virginia, including WVNews.com, WV MetroNews, and West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

Q: How can I subscribe to a West Virginia newspaper?

A: You can typically subscribe to a West Virginia newspaper by visiting their website or calling their customer service department. Some newspapers may also offer subscriptions through third-party services like Amazon or DiscountedNewspapers.com.

Q: Are West Virginia newspapers available in print and online?

A: Most West Virginia newspapers are available in both print and online formats. Some newspapers may also offer digital-only subscriptions.

Q: How can I submit a news tip to a West Virginia newspaper?

A: You can usually submit a news tip to a West Virginia newspaper by emailing the newsroom or contacting a specific reporter. Contact information for newsrooms and reporters can usually be found on the newspaper’s website.

Q: Are West Virginia newspapers politically biased?

A: Like all news organizations, West Virginia newspapers have their own editorial viewpoints and biases. However, many newspapers strive to present objective news coverage and provide a variety of perspectives on important issues.

Q: How often are West Virginia newspapers published?

A: The frequency of publication varies depending on the newspaper. Some West Virginia newspapers are published daily, while others are published weekly or biweekly.

Q: Can I read West Virginia newspapers for free?

A: Some West Virginia newspapers offer limited free access to their content online, but full access typically requires a subscription or payment. Some libraries may also offer free access to newspapers through their online databases.

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