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Nevada state is located in the western part of the US. Each country has its own culture and print media. Apart from the news of one’s own country, other news of the country and abroad are also printed in the print media. In today’s post, I will write details about Nevada Newspapers and its online news site. If you read the whole post, you will know about the news sites. You can also read the news directly from the website by clicking on the link.

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Nevada Newspapers

About Nevada Newspapers

Nevada has a rich history of newspapers, with publications dating back to the mid-19th century. Today, the state has a diverse range of newspapers that serve the needs of both urban and rural communities.

Some of the largest newspapers in Nevada include the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Reno Gazette-Journal, and the Elko Daily Free Press. The Las Vegas Review-Journal, which was founded in 1909, is the largest newspaper in the state in terms of circulation, with a daily readership of over 150,000. The paper covers local and national news, sports, business, entertainment, and more.

The Reno Gazette-Journal, which was founded in 1870, is the largest newspaper in northern Nevada. The paper covers news from Reno, Sparks, and the surrounding areas, as well as national news, sports, and entertainment.

In addition to these larger newspapers, there are many smaller publications that serve specific communities and regions in Nevada. For example, the Nevada Appeal, which is based in Carson City, covers news from the state capital and the surrounding areas. The Ely Times, based in Ely, covers news from the eastern part of the state.

Nevada also has several newspapers that focus on specific industries or topics. For example, the Las Vegas Sun covers news related to the casino and gaming industry, while the Nevada Independent is an online news source that focuses on politics and government.

Overall, Nevada’s newspapers offer a wide range of perspectives and coverage, from local news to national and international events. Whether you’re interested in politics, sports, entertainment, or business, there is a newspaper in Nevada that can keep you informed and engaged.

Nevada Newspapers Online & Latest News

Las Vegas Weekly

Las Vegas Weekly was established in 1992 by Greg Ryan, James P. Reza, and Robert Ringle. Basically, it is a weekly alternative newspaper. Greenspun Media Group is the owner of this paper. It publishes the arts, culture, recreation, and news of Las Vegas.

Nevada Appeal

Nevada Appeal is a bi-weekly magazine printed in Carson City, Nevada. It was founded on 16 May 1865. Pacific Publishing Company is the owner of this company. The paper publishes in the English language. It is the most circulating paper in most of the regions in Northern Nevada and Eastern California.

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Las Vegas Review-Journal is a broadsheet format newspaper in Las Vegas, Nevada. By circulation, it is one of the top 25 newspapers in the US. It is a Daily subscription newspaper. It covers current news, politics, education, business, sports, and more. The paper was first launched on 18 September 1909. It has won many famous awards for good and authentic publications. Its daily circulation is 172,366 and Sunday circulation 204,036.


Record-Courier is a daily newspaper in the USA. The format of this paper is a broadsheet. It was founded in 1830. Gannett is the owner of this newspaper. The headquarter of this newspaper is situated in Kent, Ohio. With the exception of a few states, it is published daily.

El Tiempo

El Tiempo is a nationally daily distributed newspaper in Colombia. It was first printed on 30 January 1911 by Alfonso Villegas Restrepo. The paper publishes news in the Spanish language. It is a broadsheet format newspaper. Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo is the present owner of this paper. The headquarters of this newspaper is Bogot√°, D.C., Colombia. Politically this newspaper supports Centrism.

Las Vegas Sun

Las Vegas is one of the two daily subscription newspapers in the Las Vegas Valley. It was established on 21 May 1950. Greenspan family is the owner of this paper and affiliated with the Greenspun Media Group. Brian Greenspun is both of publisher and editor of this paper. It covers varieties of news such as sports, education, lifestyle, job, business, travel, and more.

Reno Gazette-Journal

Reno Gazette-Journal is Reno’s leading daily newspaper. It was founded on 23 November 1870. The paper is operated and owned by the Gannett Company. This newspaper publishes in Broadsheet format.

Vegas Inc.

Vegas Inc. features related to Vegas business news, gaming, tourism, real estate, and much more. Basically, it is a business newspaper. It is usually published in the English language.

The Humboldt Sun

The Humboldt Sun is a newspaper that covers business, local news, politics, sports, and community events.

Reno News & Review

Reno News & Review covers different types of stories archives. This newspaper is an alternative source of recreation and authentic news.

Daily newspapers in Nevada

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Q: What are some of the major newspapers in Nevada?

A: Some of the major newspapers in Nevada include the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Reno Gazette-Journal, and Nevada Appeal.

Q: Where can I find Nevada newspapers online?

A: Most Nevada newspapers have an online presence and can be found on their respective websites. Some newspapers also have mobile apps for easy access to their content.

Q: How can I subscribe to a Nevada newspaper?

A: Subscription options vary by the newspaper, but most offer online subscription options on their websites. Some newspapers also offer print and digital bundle subscriptions.

Q: How frequently are Nevada newspapers published?

A: Most Nevada newspapers are published daily, but some smaller publications may have a weekly or bi-weekly publishing schedule.

Q: What topics are covered in Nevada newspapers?

A: Nevada newspapers cover a range of topics, including local and state news, politics, business, sports, entertainment, and community events.

Q: Are Nevada newspapers available in languages other than English?

A: Some newspapers in Nevada offer content in Spanish, such as El Tiempo in Las Vegas, while others may offer content in other languages depending on the target audience.

Q: Can I submit a letter to the editor or a guest opinion piece to a Nevada newspaper?

A: Most Nevada newspapers have guidelines for submitting letters to the editor or guest opinion pieces, which can typically be found on their websites.

Q: How can I contact a Nevada newspaper with a news tip or story idea?

A: Contact information for Nevada newspapers can usually be found on their websites. Most newspapers have a designated email address or phone number for submitting news tips or story ideas.

Q: How can I access archived articles from a Nevada newspaper?

A: Many Nevada newspapers have archives of their past articles available on their websites, which can be accessed for a fee or with a subscription. Some libraries and historical societies may also have physical archives of newspapers.

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