Nepali Newspapers & News Sites For All Daily And latest News

Nepali Newspapers & News Sites For All Daily And latest News

Newspapers play a significant role in modern civilization. We can’t think of the modern world without it. Through this, we can know & learn about all the essential things that happen in the world. The political & economic situation of the country and market conditions games & sports reports comes to us through it every day. Each country has its own newspaper. Nepali newspapers are printed daily, weekly, and monthly and most of the newspapers can be read on online websites.

People are naturally interested in learning about different events in the world. The newspaper is the best way to satisfy this curiosity. It highlights news of different kinds of interests and perspectives of important personalities. Nepal is a country in Asia located along the southern slope of the Himalayas. It is a landlocked country located in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China to the east, south, west, and to north. All newspapers of this country publish authentic Nepali news.

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Nepali Newspapers

Daily Newspapers List Of Nepal

Aarthik Abhiyan

Aarthik Abhiyan was first launched in 2001. Previously it was known as ‘Aajko Abhiyan’. Mainly it publishes the all topis about business, besides it covers education, technology, international updates, and local current affairs. It publishes in the Nepali language.

Naya Patrika

Naya Patrika is a daily newspaper founded in 2006. The headquarter of this newspaper is Puppet Road, Kathmandu, Nepal. It also distributed from Butwal, Kohalpur, Kathmandu, and Biratnagar It publishes in broadsheet format Nepali language. Naya Prakashan Pvt. Ltd. is the owner of this newspaper.


Kantipur is a broadsheet format daily newspaper. It established on 20 February 1993 by Shyam Goenka. It writes in broadsheet format and the most widely read newspaper in Nepal. The circulation of this newspaper is more than 453,000 copies per day.

Kathmandu Post

Kathmandu Post established in February 1993 by Shyam Goenka. It is a broadsheet daily English language newspaper. This paper publishes in print, online format. Kathmandu is the headquarter of this newspaper. It covers national & international latest updates, politics, sports, culture, and arts.


Nagarik is a leading newspaper in Nepal. It publishes from Biratnagar, Kathmandu, and Nepalgunj. The newspaper covers varieties types of news such as technology, health, education, politics, arts, society, and more.


Gorkhapatra is the oldest and daily newspaper in Nepal. It established in May 1901. Gorkhapatra Resources is the publisher of this newspaper. It publishes in broadsheet format.

Nepali Times

Nepali Times is a weekly newspaper in the English language. It founded on 26 June 2000. The newspaper provides business, travel, culture, politics, society, and entertainment.

Himalay Darpan

Himalay Darpan is a popular newspaper in Nepal. This newspaper provides different kinds of news such as sports, daily updates, politics, varieties of games updates, and economy.

Annapurna Post

Annapurna Post is a popular newspaper in Nepal. This daily newspaper publishes in the Nepali language. The newspaper publishes from Butwal, Kathmandu, Kohalpur, and Itahari.

Himalayan Times

Himalayan Times is a daily English language newspaper. It founded on 23 November 2001. It publishes in broadsheet format. The headquarter of this newspaper is Anamnagar, Kathmandu. The owner of this newspaper is the international media network Nepal (Pvt) Ltd. It features business, sports, lifestyle, entertainment, health, and the environment.

Other Nepali News Sites 

Everyone should read a newspaper regularly. Because it is a storehouse of knowledge. So it is important for every person to read the newspaper. This article will help you to read Nepali newspapers and news sites.

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