Malta Newspapers & Latest News (Update List)

Malta’s newspapers are popular for their content and quality. They are among the top-selling newspapers in Europe and have been awarded lots of awards for their journalism and creativity. Malta has a long tradition of media freedom which is why it has been ranked as the best country to live in by Transparency International.

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About Malta Newspapers

Malta has a vibrant newspaper industry, with a number of print and online publications catering to a diverse range of readership. Newspapers in Malta cover a range of topics, including politics, business, sports, culture, and entertainment.

One of the most widely-read newspapers in Malta is The Times of Malta, which was founded in 1935 and is published daily. The Times covers local, national, and international news, as well as features on culture and lifestyle. The newspaper has a website and social media presence, and offers a range of subscription options for readers.

Another popular newspaper in Malta is Malta Today, which was launched in 2009 and is also published daily. Malta Today covers news, politics, and current affairs, with a focus on investigative journalism. The newspaper also has a website and social media presence, and offers a range of subscription options for readers.

Other newspapers in Malta include the Malta Independent, which was founded in 1989 and covers news, sports, and lifestyle, and In-Nazzjon, which is a daily newspaper that focuses on Maltese news and politics. There are also a number of weekly and monthly publications in Malta that cover specific topics, such as business, finance, and technology.

In addition to traditional print newspapers, there are also a number of online-only publications in Malta that offer news and features. These include Lovin Malta, which covers news, culture, and lifestyle, and Newsbook, which covers news and current affairs.

Top 10 Malta Newspapers

Now we’re going to see the top 10 Malta newspapers and another popular news site in Malta. They cover the most popular, updated, local and international news every moment.

Malta Independent

The Malta Independent is a newspaper that provides local and international news. It is owned by the Malta Independent Media Group which also owns several other newspapers in the country.Its content includes local and international news, sports, business, and features on arts, culture, society and lifestyle.

Times of Malta

Times of Malta is a national newspaper published in Malta. It was founded by Emmanuel Daphne, who is also the proprietor of the Times Group. It has been recognized for its innovative approach to reporting, which includes live streaming video and podcasts, as well as interactive features such as polls and quizzes.

The Times of Malta is a news portal that publishes content on politics, sports, business, local and international news.

Kull Hadd

Kull Hadd is the Maltese newspaper that was founded in 1878 and is still publishing today. It’s a serious newspaper with a focus on politics, sports, business, and international news.

Malta Today

Malta Today is one of the first digital news provider in Malta. It was established in November 2017 by a group of journalists, who wanted to create a digital platform that would provide content for the Maltese audience.

The Malta Today is a digital publication that covers all the latest news from Malta, both local and international. It features in-depth articles on politics, sports, business, and more.

Sport In Malta

Sport In Malta is an online news portal which covers the latest sports news from Malta and the wider world.

It was founded by journalists who had a passion for sport and wanted to share their knowledge with their community. They also wanted to be able to provide local and international news on sport in a professional and reliable way.

Island Travel Trader

The Island Travel Trader is a local and international news website that provides the latest information on the world of travel. It also offers advice on travel destinations, as well as a comprehensive travel guide.

The Island Travel Trader was founded by John Gatt who has been in the business for over 20 years and has worked with newspapers such as Malta Times, Malta Today, and The Malta Independent.

Malta Sport

Malta Sport is an online newspaper for Malta. It covers all the latest news in sports, business, politics and more.

The paper was established in 2017 by a group of journalists from Malta Newspapers. The paper is a local and international news publication that covers all sporting events including football, rugby, cycling and more.

The Malta Sport has been praised for its quality content which has helped it gain a strong following on social media. is an online news platform that presents local and international news in a digital format, including articles, videos and podcasts. It was launched in 2016 by the Malta Newspapers Ltd., one of the largest media companies in Malta.


illum is a new website that is set to revolutionize the way local and international news is delivered. The site is based in Malta, which currently has the lowest subscription rates for online newspapers in Europe.

The website offers a low-cost subscription service with no ads and a fast, easy-to-use interface. The company’s goal is to provide an alternative to traditional news providers like BBC, CNN, and Reuters.


The idea behind iNewsMalta is that it provides a much-needed alternative to traditional journalism. It offers local and international news publishers a way to reach their audience without the need for costly marketing campaigns.

Malta Newspapers, Magazines, And News Sites


Q: What are the main newspapers in Malta?

A: The main newspapers in Malta are The Times of Malta, Malta Today, The Malta Independent, and L-Orizzont.

Q: Do Malta newspapers publish online?

A: Yes, all of the major newspapers in Malta have online versions that are regularly updated.

Q: Is there an English-language newspaper in Malta?

A: Yes, The Times of Malta is an English-language daily newspaper that covers news from Malta and around the world.

Q: Can I subscribe to Malta newspapers online?

A: Yes, all of the major newspapers in Malta offer online subscriptions to their publications.

Q: Are Malta newspapers politically biased?

A: Some newspapers in Malta are known for having political affiliations, while others strive to remain impartial in their reporting. It is important to read from a variety of sources to get a balanced view of the news.

Q: What types of news stories do Malta newspapers cover?

A: Malta newspapers cover a wide range of news stories, including politics, business, sports, entertainment, and local news.

Q: Are there any free newspapers in Malta?

A: Yes, there are a few free newspapers in Malta, including the Malta Independent Daily and the Malta Today.

Q: Can I access Malta newspapers from outside of Malta?

A: Yes, all of the major newspapers in Malta have online versions that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

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