Malawi Newspapers & Latest News (Update List)

Malawi Newspapers & Latest News (Update List)

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. It is estimated that over 40% of its population lives below the poverty line, which means they are struggling. The Malawi News, which is a local Malawi Newspapers, has been around for more than a century and has been printing news since 1936.

Malawi’s press is very active in sports coverage, politics, and business news.

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Top 10 Malawi Newspapers

Now we’re going to see the top 10 Malawi newspapers and another popular news site in Malawi. They cover the most popular, updated, local and international news every moment.

Daily Times

The Daily Times is a Malawi-based newspaper that covers local and international news. It has been in operation since 6 June 1925.

The news portal is the only daily newspaper that reaches all parts of the country, most of which are not connected to any other media outlet. It has made a name for itself as having one of the highest circulation rates in Africa.


The Nation is a daily newspaper published in Malawi. It is the leading source of local and international news in the country.

Nation is a newspaper in Malawi that aims to provide the latest news and information about the politics, sports, business, land ocal and international events.

The paper was founded in 1995 by John Mwale who wanted to create an independent voice for the people of Malawi.

Nyasa Times

Nyasa Times is the leading newspaper in Malawi. It has a circulation of over 150,000. It is owned by the Nyasa Times Group, which also owns and operates other local and international newspapers such as The Nation Newspaper and The East African.

The paper is known for its bold and investigative journalism which has led to many stories being picked up by international news outlets such as BBC, CNN, Reuters and The New York Times. It has also been awarded several times for its coverage of political issues such as corruption and human rights violations.

Maravi Post

Maravi Post is an online newspaper in Malawi. It has a goal of supporting local journalism and providing a platform for journalists to publish their work.

The popular portal is the most popular online newspaper in Malawi, with over 50% market share. The newspaper was established by the Maravi Group of Companies, which also owns other media outlets such as Maravi TV and Maravi Radio.

Maravi Post has grown rapidly since its launch in 2013, reaching over 8 million readers each month with its focus on local news and politics.

Daily Times‎

Daily Times is a Malawi news website that provides news and information on politics, sports, business, and local and international news. The site has been around since 2001.

The paper is the leading online newspaper in Malawi. It covers local and international news in a daily basis with an aim to provide readers with comprehensive coverage of current events.

The Daily Times is one of the most trusted sources of information in the country. It has a strong following among politicians, journalists, business people, students, investors and others who need to stay up-to-date on current affairs.

Biz Malawi Online

Biz Malawi Online is an online news platform that reports on local and international news in Malawi. The website provides a platform for all the stakeholders of the media industry – journalists, editors, publishers, advertisers, advertisers and readers.

The site is a platform that covers the local and international news in Malawi. The website covers topics such as politics, sports and business. It features stories from the most read newspapers in Malawi including Times of Zambia, Daily Nation and The Chronicle.

Capital FM

Capital FM is a digital newspaper that is published in Malawi. It was created to provide news, analysis and commentary on local and international politics, sports, business and entertainment.

The Capital FM has been recognized as the best online newspaper in Africa by the Global Editors Network. It has also been awarded for its excellence in journalism by the International Centre for Journalists (ICFJ)

Malawi Broadcasting Corporation

The Malawi Broadcasting Corporation is the public broadcaster of Malawi. It was established in 1995 to provide a wide range of programming, including news, sports, and entertainment. The corporation has a long history with many milestones including being the first radio station in Africa to broadcast from outside the continent and being one of the few broadcasters on Earth that broadcasts 24 hours a day.

Face of Malawi

The Face of Malawi is an online newspaper that covers the political, sports, and business happenings in Malawi. It was founded by Peter Kanyama and is based in Blantyre.

This paper is a new media outlet that has been providing local and international news to the people of Malawi since 2011. Its target audience includes people who are interested in politics, sports, and business happenings in the country. The publication has a team that consists of journalists who are dedicated to their work and provide quality content to their readers.

Malawi 24

Malawi 24 is the first digital newspaper in Malawi and it was launched in 2014. It is a platform for local and international news. The website provides a mix of news, articles, opinion pieces, and social media content.

The website also publishes opinion pieces, which gives people the opportunity to express their thoughts on current issues in Malawi.

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