Mali Newspapers & Latest News (Update List)

Mali Newspapers & Latest News (Update List)

The Mali Newspapers are the oldest surviving newspapers in Africa. They were established in 1827 by the French colonial government and have been published continuously since then.

The Mali Newspapers’ main objective was to publish information about the country’s politics, economy, and culture.

They are a source of information for many Malians and they provide an important medium for people to express their opinions.

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Top 10 Mali Newspapers

Now we’re going to see the top 10 Mali newspapers and another popular news site in Mali. They cover the most popular, updated, local and international news every moment.


L’Essor is a newspaper that was founded in the capital of Mali, Bamako. It is one of the most popular newspapers in West Africa and has been published since 1991. The paper’s editor-in-chief is Moussa Diarra.

The L’Essor covers a wide range of topics including politics, sports, business, and local and international news.


Maliweb is a news website that is based in Mali. It provides news, information, and analysis on Mali and the African continent.

This was launched in 2010 by Malian journalists and editors. Its goal was to provide a means for journalists to share their stories with the world. It also aimed to promote local journalism and provide an outlet for international coverage of Africa.

The Maliweb offers original content from its team of professional journalists and writers as well as republishing articles from other sources like newspapers from across Africa.

A Bamako is a local and international news website. The website is based in Bamako, Mali and covers various topics such as politics, sports, business, and more.

The is a news website based in Bamako, Mali that covers the various topics of politics, sports, business and more. It was founded by Malian journalists who are passionate about sharing their country’s stories with the world.

Mali Actu

Mali Actu is a digital platform that offers a mix of local and international news, sports, business, politics, and lifestyle content.

The Mali Actu’s goal is to provide information on the most relevant topics in the country. It also offers its users a variety of options to share their opinions on all these topics.

The paper was founded in 2013 by two Malian journalists who wanted to create an independent platform for Malians to get information about their country and world events.


Malijet is a free, open-source, and non-profit software that helps journalists, newsrooms and media organizations to share their stories. It has been deployed in over 50 countries around the world.

The popular news portal is a free, open-source, and non-profit software that helps journalists, newsrooms and media organizations to share their stories. It has been deployed in over 50 countries around the world. The software is currently used by over 100 thousand users worldwide with more than 10 thousand new installations every month.

Malijet’s goal is to help people get access to quality local and international news from all corners of the globe.


Bamada is a digital platform that provides news and information from Mali. It offers an online platform for journalists, bloggers, and citizen reporters to share their stories with the world.

The newspaper is a new local and international news website that publishes articles in French, English, Arabic, and Bambara.

Studio Tamani

Studio Tamani is a digital newspaper that provides the latest news from Mali.

It was founded by two Malian journalists, Amadou Toumani Touré and Boubacar Diallo. They wanted to create a platform where they could report on local and international news with accuracy and high-quality content using AI technology. They also wanted to provide information about the daily lives of people in Mali, which is why they started publishing articles on sports, business, politics, and other topics that are relevant to the Malian community.

Mali Newspapers are struggling to keep up with the changing times and provide quality content at scale because of limited resources. This is where Studio Tamani comes in as an alternative


Koulouba is a new media platform that is dedicated to promoting and preserving the local and international news in Mali. It provides a service that is free of charge for people who can’t afford to pay for it.

This was founded by journalists and activists in 2016, it aims to provide local and international news from Mali with the objective of promoting quality journalism. The platform also seeks to preserve journalistic values such as transparency, professionalism, ethics, accuracy, independence and impartiality in the digital era.

Journal du Mali

Journal du Mali is the leading newspaper in Mali. It has been running since 1949 and was founded by a group of journalists who were expelled from other newspapers for their critical views.

The paper is a local newspaper that covers local and international news, sports, business, and politics. The paper also provides columns on culture, art and literature.


Afribone is a news platform that covers the African continent. It was founded by two Malian journalists, who came up with the idea after they noticed how many African news sources were not able to reach their audience.

It has been able to reach an audience of over 60 million people, mostly from Africa and other parts of the world. The site has also won several awards for their coverage of Africa’s political and business news.

Afribone is a digital platform that covers African politics, business and sports news.

Mali Newspapers, Magazines, And News Sites

  • Mali Web
  • ‎Info Matin
  • ‎Mali Zine
  • AMAP (Agence Malienne de Presse)
  • Info Mali
  • Nord Sud Journal
  • Mali Media
  • L’Express du Mali
  • ‎Mali Info
  • Le Republicain
  • Les Echos
  • L’Independent

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