Mexican Newspapers & Latest News (Update List)

Mexican newspapers are a way for the average Mexican citizen to learn about current events and politics. They are a source of information and entertainment, which is why they are read by millions of people every day.

Mexico has a long history of having newspapers that cover specific topics like sports, business, or international news. However, it’s not just the topics that make these newspapers unique; it’s their style and format as well.

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About Mexican Newspapers

Mexican newspapers are an important part of the country’s media landscape. They play a crucial role in keeping the public informed about local, national, and international news and events. Mexican newspapers are available in both print and digital formats, providing readers with a range of options to access the news.

Some of the most popular Mexican newspapers include El Universal, Reforma, Milenio, Excelsior, and La Jornada. These newspapers cover a wide range of topics, including politics, business, sports, entertainment, and culture. They have a strong reputation for providing accurate, reliable, and in-depth reporting, and are widely read throughout the country.

In addition to these national newspapers, there are also many regional newspapers that focus on local news and events. These newspapers are often published in smaller towns and cities and provide readers with information about local politics, events, and community issues.

One of the challenges facing Mexican newspapers is the issue of press freedom. Mexico has one of the highest rates of violence against journalists in the world, with many reporters facing harassment, intimidation, and even violence for their reporting. This has led to a climate of fear and self-censorship among many journalists and media outlets.

Top 10 Mexican Newspapers

Now we’re seeing the top 10 Mexican newspapers and another popular news site in Mexico. They cover the most popular, updated, local and international news every moment.

El Debate

El Debate is a daily newspaper in Mexico that covers local and international news. The paper is known for its political and sports coverage.

The El Debate has been around since the year of 1910, and it has been a source of information for Mexicans since then. It also provides an alternative to the mainstream media.

This newspaper is one of the most influential newspapers in Mexico, but it has recently been struggling with declining revenue due to competition from online news sources.

La Jornada

La Jornada is the oldest Mexican daily newspaper. It is also one of the most influential newspapers in Mexico. It has a circulation of over 400,000 copies per day and it is one of the most read newspapers in Latin America.

The La Jornada was founded by a group of liberal intellectuals who believed that democracy and freedom were more important than anything else. They wanted to create a newspaper that would be able to cover every single topic in-depth and give Mexicans an alternative to what they were being told by other media outlets.

It has always been known for its political coverage, but it also covers sports, business and local news as well.

El Universal

El Universal is a Mexican newspaper, founded in 8 March 1948. It is the most popular daily newspaper in Mexico and it has more than 3 million readers.

This is one of the most popular newspapers in Mexico. its headquarters are located in Mexico City. The newspaper has millions of readers with its main focus on local and international news as well as politics, sports, business and culture.

El Siglo

El Siglo is a Mexican newspaper that is known for its strong coverage of politics, sports, business and local and international news. It has been published in Mexico since 1940.

The El Siglo is one of the most important newspapers in Mexico. It has been publishing since 1940 and it was given an award by UNESCO for being the oldest newspaper in Latin America. The paper’s headquarters are located in Mexico City with regional offices in Jalisco, Tamaulipas, Zacatecas, Puebla, Oaxaca and Morelos.

The paper has a circulation of over 150,000 copies per day which makes it one of the most circulated newspapers in Latin America with a readership of over 2 million people every day.


Milenio is a digital newspaper that has been launched in Mexico. This digital newspaper is the first of its kind in the country and it has been designed to give all Mexicans access to quality news.

The Milenio project began as a collaboration between CENTAUR, Grupo Reforma, and Alianza Editorial. The purpose of this partnership was to create a new platform for Mexican news that would be more inclusive and accessible for everyone.

Milenio offers local, international, sports, business, and other types of content from Mexico City’s most popular newspapers – El Universal and La Jornada – as well as from more than 30 other national newspapers across the country.


Excélsior is a Mexican newspaper that covers local and international news. It has been in circulation since March 18, 1917.

This is Mexico’s oldest newspaper, and it has been published continuously for long years. The paper has a circulation of about 70,000 copies per week and it offers its readers news from an editorial point of view.

El Financiero

El Financiero is a major Mexican newspaper that has been in circulation since December 15, 1981. It is the most read newspaper in Mexico and it has been the most influential newspaper in Latin America.

This was founded by Manuel Cossío, who created a new type of journalism which focuses on politics and international news, while also covering sports, business, and local news. The paper is published on a daily basis with a circulation of more than 200,000 copies.

The El Financiero covers everything from national politics to local sports to international news such as the FIFA World Cup or the Olympics.

El Economista

El Economista is a newspaper based in Mexico City that covers local and international news. It was founded in 1988 and it has had a significant impact on the Mexican media industry.

The El Economista is one of the most widely circulated newspapers in Mexico, with a circulation of over 1 million copies per day. It’s also very popular among the country’s politicians, who use it to get their message across to their constituents.


Vanguardia is a Mexican newspaper that covers the local and international news in Mexico. It was founded in the year 1884 with its headquarters in Mexico City.

The newspaper is one of the most influential newspapers in Mexico with a circulation of around 100,000 copies daily. It has been published by Grupo Empresarial La Vanguardia S.A., which also publishes several other newspapers including El Universal, El Financiero, and El Economista.

The Vanguardia has an online edition that provides readers with a wide range of news from politics to sports to business and local and international news.

El Informador

El Informador is a Mexican newspaper that provides local and international news. It was created in 30 January 1968 by Grupo Reforma, a Mexican media company.

This newspaper is one of the most popular newspapers in Mexico. It covers all kinds of topics such as politics, sports, business and local and international news. The newspaper has been known to be very critical of the government’s actions.

Mexican Newspapers And News Sites


Q: What are some popular newspapers in Mexico?

A: Some popular newspapers in Mexico include El Universal, Reforma, Excelsior, Milenio, and La Jornada.

Q: Do Mexican newspapers publish in English?

A: While some Mexican newspapers may have sections or articles in English, most publish primarily in Spanish.

Q: Can I access Mexican newspapers online?

A: Yes, most Mexican newspapers have an online presence and offer digital subscriptions for access to their content.

Q: Are there any free Mexican newspapers available online?

A: Some Mexican newspapers offer free online access to a limited number of articles, while others require a subscription for full access to their content.

Q: Can I get Mexican newspapers delivered to my home or hotel?

A: Yes, many Mexican newspapers offer home delivery and may also have partnerships with hotels for guest delivery.

Q: What topics do Mexican newspapers cover?

A: Mexican newspapers cover a wide range of topics including politics, crime, sports, entertainment, and business.

Q: Is it safe to read Mexican newspapers?

A: While Mexico has faced challenges with violence and crime in certain areas, reading newspapers is generally considered safe. It’s important to exercise caution and common sense when traveling or living in Mexico.

Q: How often are Mexican newspapers published?

A: Most Mexican newspapers are published daily, with some also offering weekend editions.

Q: Can I submit a letter to the editor of a Mexican newspaper?

A: Yes, most Mexican newspapers accept letters to the editor and provide instructions for submission on their website or in their print edition.

Q: Are Mexican newspapers biased in their reporting?

A: Like any media outlet, Mexican newspapers may have a certain bias in their reporting. It’s important to read from a variety of sources and perspectives to gain a well-rounded understanding of a topic or issue.

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