Libyan Newspapers & Latest News (Update List)

Today’s post is mainly about Libyan Newspapers, News Sites, and Magazines. The state of Libya is a country in North Africa, which shares borders with six countries. To the north of the country are two islands with a Mediterranean climate. The desert occupies 90% of the land and consists of three regions. Libya’s economy is largely dependent on oil revenues. Which contributes about 95% of rental income and about a quarter of GDP. In addition to the small population here, the per capita income is huge.

Climate conditions and dangerous soils severely limit rural creation, and Libya imports about 80% of its food. The source of much-needed agricultural water here is the Great Man-Made River Project, yet vital resources are being mobilized for desalination exploration to meet the growing demand for water. The only language adopted in Libya’s public schools is classical Arabic.

Reporters Without Borders further indicates that the Libyan government holds the tragic record of the world’s longest prison for journalists. For radio and television, apart from the distinct position of propaganda and misinformation, these two sectors are still completely exclusive to government authorities. From a linguistic point of view, it can be said that most newspapers are published in Arabic. However, some newspapers have an English or bilingual English-Arabic version.

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Lebanese Newspapers

About Libyan Newspapers

Libya has a diverse media landscape with a mix of state-owned and private newspapers. However, during the regime of former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, the media was heavily controlled by the government. After the 2011 revolution that ousted Gaddafi, there was an influx of new media outlets, and media freedom has improved. However, journalists and media workers still face challenges and restrictions.

Here are some of the major Libyan newspapers:

  1. Al-Jumhuriya: It is a daily newspaper and the official newspaper of the Libyan government. It was established in 1972 and covers news on politics, economy, sports, and culture.
  2. Al-Shams: It is a privately-owned newspaper established in 2011 after the revolution. It is known for its investigative journalism and critical coverage of the government.
  3. Libya Herald: It is an online newspaper established in 2012. It covers news on politics, economy, and culture, and has a strong focus on international news.
  4. Al-Wasat: It is a daily newspaper established in 2012. It covers news on politics, economy, and culture.
  5. Benghazi Press: It is a weekly newspaper established in 2011. It covers news on politics, economy, and culture, with a focus on the city of Benghazi.
  6. Tripoli Post: It is an English-language weekly newspaper established in 2010. It covers news on politics, economy, and culture, and has a strong focus on international news.
  7. Libya Observer: It is an English-language online newspaper established in 2015. It covers news on politics, economy, and culture, and has a strong focus on international news.

Overall, Libyan newspapers play an important role in keeping the public informed and holding those in power accountable. Despite challenges, the media landscape in Libya continues to evolve and grow.

Top 10 Libyan Newspapers

Libya Akhbar

Libya Akhbar is a news search engine that publishes breaking news throughout the day, every minute, from all sources, in a matter of moments. And does not assume responsibility for any published content.

Afrigate News

Afrigate News is a Maghreb media project, founded by a group of Maghreb journalists. Its main goal is to promote honest news, meaningful analysis, and independent opinion. It opens the way for all Maghreb people at home and abroad to contribute to the formulation of a Maghreb project based on the values ​​of tolerance and peaceful civic coexistence.

Al Marsad

Al Marsad is an independent, not-for-profit organization. It was started its journey in October 2003. It reported that Israeli settlers received five times as much water as Syrian farmers in the area and that the land had been occupied for an Israeli settlement. Also, it reported that Arab residents pay more taxes to Israel than their Israeli counterparts when receiving fewer services.

‎New Libya

‎New Libya is the news and analytical site that broadcasts fast news and economic, political, cultural, and social reports on Libya. It is the religion of civil rights in the media, its pioneering investigation and accuracy, the search for truth, and the horizon of the great Arab Maghreb. The site embraces the goals and lofty principles of the February 17 revolution.

Libya Herald

Libya Herald is a very popular online-based English newspaper. It was established on 17 February 2012. Michel Cousins and Sami Zaptia are the present proprietors of this paper. Michel Cousins is the chief editor of this paper. The headquarter locates in Tripoli, Libya.

Libya Observer

Libya Observer is a daily newspaper based online. Abdullah Ibrahim is the chief editor of this paper. It was launched in July 2015. It covers English and Arabic languages. It covers news like sports, social, business, entertainment, education, politics, and many more.


Al-Shams is a daily newspaper in the Arabic language. It was founded in 1962 by Moammar Gadhafi when he was a student. That same year it closed. It was re-launched in 1993 after the revolution in the country. The paper was handled by the Libyan government. Abdul Hakim Maatouk is the chief editor of this paper.

Tripoli Post

Tripoli Post was a very popular broadsheet format weekly newspaper. It was started its journey in 1999. But later in 2016, its publication was stopped. The headquarter of this paper located in Tripoli Tower, Tripoli.

Libyan Magazines And News Sites

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Q: What are Libyan newspapers?

A: Libyan newspapers are print or online publications that report on news, events, and developments in Libya.

Q: How many newspapers are there in Libya?

A: There are several newspapers in Libya, both print and online. Some of the popular newspapers in Libya include Al-Wasat, Al-Jumhuriya, Al-Mukhtar Al-Islami, and Al-Tadamun.

Q: What language are Libyan newspapers published in?

A: Libyan newspapers are primarily published in Arabic, which is the official language of Libya.

Q: What kind of news is covered in Libyan newspapers?

A: Libyan newspapers cover a wide range of news, including politics, economics, sports, entertainment, culture, and more. They also report on local and international events that are of interest to their readers.

Q: Are Libyan newspapers independent?

A: The media landscape in Libya is complex, with many newspapers being affiliated with political or business interests. However, some newspapers strive to maintain their independence and provide impartial news coverage.

Q: Can I access Libyan newspapers online?

A: Yes, many Libyan newspapers have an online presence and can be accessed through their websites or social media accounts. Some newspapers also offer mobile apps for easier access to their content.

Q: Are Libyan newspapers censored?

A: There have been reports of government censorship of media in Libya, but the extent of this censorship is not clear. Some newspapers may self-censor to avoid government interference, while others may choose to report on sensitive issues despite the risks.

Q: How can I submit a news story to a Libyan newspaper?

A: You can contact the editorial team of a Libyan newspaper through their website or social media accounts to submit a news story. However, it is important to note that they may not publish every submission they receive.

Q: Are there any English-language newspapers in Libya?

A: Yes, there are a few English-language newspapers in Libya, including the Libya Observer and the Tripoli Post. However, they may not have the same circulation as Arabic-language newspapers.

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