Jordan Newspapers & Latest News (Update List)

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Jordan Newspapers

About Jordan Newspapers

Jordan has a diverse range of newspapers that cater to different segments of the society and reflect various political and social ideologies. These newspapers provide a wealth of information and insight into current events, politics, business, sports, and culture in the country.

Some of the prominent newspapers in Jordan include Al-Ra’i, Al-Ghad, Al-Dustour, Al-Arab Al-Yawm, and Al-Jazeera. Each of these newspapers has its own unique style and editorial stance, and they often cover the same stories from different angles.

Al-Ra’i is one of the oldest newspapers in Jordan and is known for its conservative editorial stance. It was founded in 1971 and is published in Arabic. Al-Ghad, on the other hand, is a relatively new newspaper that was launched in 2004. It is known for its independent editorial stance and is published in both Arabic and English.

Al-Dustour is another prominent newspaper in Jordan that was established in 1997. It is known for its liberal editorial stance and covers a wide range of topics, including politics, economy, and culture. Al-Arab Al-Yawm is also a popular newspaper in Jordan that covers local, regional, and international news. It was launched in 2005 and is published in Arabic.

Al-Jazeera is not to be confused with the famous Qatar-based television network of the same name. This Jordanian newspaper was founded in 1971 and is known for its socialist editorial stance. It covers a range of topics, including politics, economics, and culture.

In addition to these newspapers, Jordan has a number of other publications that cater to specific audiences. For example, Al-Sabeel is a weekly newspaper that focuses on Islamic issues, while The Jordan Times is an English-language daily newspaper that covers both local and international news.

Overall, Jordan’s newspapers play an important role in informing and shaping public opinion in the country. They provide a diverse range of perspectives on current events and contribute to the vibrant media landscape in the country.

Top 10 Jordan Newspapers

Ad Dustour

Ad Dustour is a Print, online format daily newspaper. Jordan Press and Publishing Company is the owner of this paper. Mustafa Riyalat is the editor of this paper. It was founded on 28 March 1967. It was a private company until 1986 when the Jordanian government bought a portion of it. There are about 600 employees of this paper. The headquarters locates in Amman, Jordan.

Saraya News

Saraya News is an online format daily Arabic newspaper. Seif Obeidat is the chief editor of this paper. It was published in 2007. Khubrani Media and Advertising Company is the owner of this paper. It was blocked in June 2013 by the Jordanian government. The reason for blocking was the inappropriate publication and organization of websites under the new Press and Publishing Act.


Khaberni is a very popular daily news agency. This online format newspaper publishes news such as sports, parliament, science, career, occasion, and more. Mohammad Hawamed is the chief editor of this paper. The headquarter locates in Aman. It was established in 2006.

Ammon News was first published in 2006 by Sameer Al Hayari and Bassel Elkour. Ahmad Alhyari is the chief editor and Abdullah Mismar is the managing editor of this paper. It publishes in Arabic and Engish language. According to Alexa, until 2011 it was the most popular website in the country with 250,000 visitors per day. In 2012, this was the fifth most visited website in the Arab world.

Al Bawaba

Al Bawaba is a leading news, blogging, and media website. Paper considers “the largest independent producer and distributor of content in the Middle East. Al Bawaba Middle East Limited is the owner of this paper. It is headquartered in Amman, Jordan, and has an office in Kuwait.

The Star 

The Star is a weekly English language newspaper. Jordan Press and Publishing Company is the current proprietor of this paper. It was launched in 1993 but ceased in August 2011.

Al Ahali

Al Ahali is a daily Arabic language newspaper. It has been circulating since 1 February 1978. It’s the official media outlet of the National Progressive Unionist Party. The headquarter situates in Cairo


Shihan is a weekly newspaper. It was founded on 2 February 2006. Arab Printers Company is the publisher of this paper. The paper is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood group in Jordan.

Jordan Latest News (Update List)

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Q: What are some popular newspapers in Jordan?

A: Some popular newspapers in Jordan include Al Ghad, Al Rai, Al Dustour, and Jordan Times.

Q: What is the readership of newspapers in Jordan?

A: The readership of newspapers in Jordan varies, but it is estimated that around 40% of the population reads newspapers on a regular basis.

Q: What language are Jordanian newspapers published in?

A: Jordanian newspapers are primarily published in Arabic, the official language of Jordan.

Q: Are there any English-language newspapers in Jordan?

A: Yes, Jordan Times is an English-language newspaper published in Jordan.

Q: Can I access Jordanian newspapers online?

A: Yes, most Jordanian newspapers have an online presence, and their content can be accessed for free or with a subscription.

Q: What topics do Jordanian newspapers cover?

A: Jordanian newspapers cover a wide range of topics, including local and national news, politics, sports, entertainment, and culture.

Q: How are Jordanian newspapers regulated?

A: Jordanian newspapers are regulated by the government’s Press and Publications Department, which oversees the issuance of licenses to publish newspapers and monitors the content of publications to ensure compliance with national laws.

Q: What is the history of newspapers in Jordan?

A: The first newspaper in Jordan, Al-Quds Al-Sharif, was published in 1908 during the Ottoman Empire. Jordanian newspapers played an important role in the country’s struggle for independence in the 1940s and 1950s and have continued to be an important source of news and information ever since.

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