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Today’s post details Hungarian Newspapers, news sites, magazines, and describes the top news sites. Hungary is a landlocked republic in Central Europe, most of which is located in the Danube Valley. The Danube River flows through this plain and the city is the cultural and commercial center of Eastern Central Europe. Its current boundaries were defined by the 1920 treaty after World War I. They have improved in almost every field, from education, banking, economics, and the travel sector.

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Hungarian Newspapers

About Hungarian Newspapers

Hungarian newspapers play an important role in shaping public opinion and informing citizens about local and international news. Hungary has a rich history of newspaper publishing, dating back to the early 19th century.

Some of the most prominent newspapers in Hungary include Népszabadság, Magyar Nemzet, and Népszava. Népszabadság was one of the oldest and most widely read newspapers in Hungary until it was shut down in 2016 by the government. Magyar Nemzet is known for its conservative views and has been in circulation since the 1930s. Népszava, on the other hand, is a left-leaning newspaper that has been in operation since the early 20th century.

In addition to these major newspapers, there are many other publications that cater to specific niches or interests. For example, Blikk is a popular tabloid that covers celebrity news and gossip, while HVG focuses on business and finance news.

The media landscape in Hungary has been the subject of controversy in recent years due to concerns about press freedom and government interference. The ruling Fidesz party, led by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, has been accused of attempting to silence critical voices in the media and controlling the country’s news outlets.

Despite these challenges, Hungarian newspapers continue to play an important role in informing and shaping public opinion. The rise of digital media has also created new opportunities for independent journalism and citizen reporting, although it remains to be seen how these developments will impact the traditional newspaper industry in Hungary.

Top 10 Hungarian Newspapers


Blikk is a tabloid format daily newspaper. It was founded on 1 March 1994. The newspaper was originally owned by Szikra, but in 2004 the ownership changed to Ringier. The paper has no clear political affiliation. It is headquartered in Budapest. Ringier-Axel Springer is the publisher of this paper. The circulation of this paper is 150,000. It publishes all content in the Hungarian language.

Magyar Nemzet

Magyar Nemzet is a national daily newspaper. Gábor Liszkay is the owner and Ottó Gajdics editor of this paper. It was established on 1 September 2015 by Gábor Liszkay, Magyar Nemzet. Its political alignment is conservative. According to the report, Magyar Idak published an article criticizing “liberal, cosmopolitan and cosmopolitan culture”.


Népszabadság is a broadsheet format daily newspaper. It was started its journey on 2 November 1956. MediaWorks Hungary Zrt. (99.9%) and Vienna Capital Partners own the newspaper. Its main office locates in Budapest. András Murányi is the editor of this paper.

Nemzeti Sport

Nemzeti Sport is a Hungarian language newspaper. It is a popular Hungarian sport daily. Ringier of Switzerland is the owner of this paper. It had 95,111 copies in circulation that make it the fourth most-read daily in the country. It is considered one of the most reliable sources of sports information. Recently the online version of the paper has become increasingly sensational.


Népszava is the oldest popular newspaper in Hungary. It was founded on 20 May 1877 by Viktor Külföldi. Tamás Leisztinger is the owner and XXI. század Média Kft. is the publisher of this paper. Its political alignment is social democracy and the left.


Világgazdaság is a very popular business daily newspaper in Hungary. Mediaworks Hungary Zrt. is the owner of this paper. It is called “green newspaper” because it is published on green paper. It was launched in 1969 as weekly. Heti is the sister newspaper.

Vas Népe

Vas Népe is a daily newspaper. It is owned by Mediaworks Hungary Zrt. It has a readership of about 185,000 and a print run of 60,000. Also, it is similar to many UK newspapers in that it serves as a weekly newspaper and magazine.

Mai Nap

Mai Nap is a tabloid format daily newspaper. In its early days, it consisted of 24 to 32 pages and was published daily except Saturdays. Marcell Murányi is the chief editor of this paper. It had a circulation of 66,000 copies.

Magyar Hirlap

Magyar Hirlap is a compact format daily newspaper. Gábor Széles is the owner of this paper. It was founded in 1968. Its political alignment is conservative. In 2009, 27,769 copies of the paper were in circulation. Basically, it covers economical news.

Budapest Times

Budapest Times is a very popular weekly newspaper. Budapest-Zeitung Kft is the owner of this paper. It publishes all content in the English language. It covers business, economy, lifestyle, and more.

Hungarian Newspapers And News Sites

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Q: What are Hungarian newspapers?

A: Hungarian newspapers are publications that provide news and information about current events, politics, culture, sports, and other topics of interest to the Hungarian people. They are printed in the Hungarian language and are primarily distributed in Hungary.

Q: What are some of the most popular Hungarian newspapers?

A: Some of the most popular Hungarian newspapers include Népszava, Magyar Nemzet, Magyar Hírlap, Világgazdaság, and Blikk.

Q: What type of content can I expect to find in Hungarian newspapers?

A: Hungarian newspapers cover a wide range of topics, including national and international news, politics, business, sports, entertainment, culture, and lifestyle.

Q: How often are Hungarian newspapers published?

A: Most Hungarian newspapers are published daily, although some are published weekly or monthly.

Q: Can I read Hungarian newspapers online?

A: Yes, many Hungarian newspapers have online editions that are available to read for free or with a paid subscription.

Q: Can I subscribe to a Hungarian newspaper if I live outside of Hungary?

A: Yes, many Hungarian newspapers offer international subscriptions that can be delivered to your home or accessed online.

Q: How do I choose the best Hungarian newspaper for me?

A: The best Hungarian newspaper for you will depend on your interests and preferences. Consider the topics that you are most interested in, the style and tone of the newspaper, and whether you prefer a print or online edition. You may also want to read reviews or ask for recommendations from friends or online communities.

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