Ethiopian Newspapers & Latest News (Update List)

Today’s post details Ethiopian Newspapers, magazines, and describes the top news sites. Ethiopia is a country bordering Sweden to the southeast through the northeastern horn of South Africa. Its area is 1133,380 square kilometers, which is double that of France. It currently has a federation that has gained much independence, each with its own board and administration. Ethiopia has many languages like ethnicity which are more than 80. There are also countless language variations (more than 200 dialects) that are not worth mentioning. The economy of this poverty-stricken country is dependent on agriculture which is about half of the GDP.

The state of the Ethiopian media is unique in multiple ways. The media here is basically divided into two sectors. One is the public and government media and the other is the private press. The official media is the oldest in sub-Saharan Africa. Especially after Ethiopia’s stunning victory over the Italians, the first newspaper government dates back to the early twentieth century. On the contrary, private media is very up-to-date. All newspapers are covered in the Amharic language only (One is Oromo and the other is Arabic).  Journalists here rarely speak any national language other than Amharic.

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Ethiopian Newspapers

About Ethiopian Newspapers

Ethiopia has a diverse and vibrant newspaper industry with publications available in several languages, including Amharic, English, Afan Oromo, Tigrigna, and others. Ethiopian newspapers cover a wide range of topics, including politics, business, sports, entertainment, and culture.

Here are some of the major newspapers in Ethiopia:

  1. Addis Fortune: Addis Fortune is an English-language newspaper that focuses on business news, financial analysis, and economic development in Ethiopia. It is one of the most widely read business newspapers in the country.
  2. The Reporter: The Reporter is an English-language weekly newspaper that covers current affairs, politics, and socio-economic issues in Ethiopia. It is known for its in-depth reporting and analysis of events in the country.
  3. Addis Admas: Addis Admas is an Amharic-language daily newspaper that covers news and current events in Ethiopia. It is one of the oldest newspapers in the country and is known for its balanced reporting.
  4. Ethiopian Herald: The Ethiopian Herald is a daily newspaper published by the Ethiopian Press Agency. It covers national and international news, politics, business, sports, and entertainment.
  5. Awramba Times: Awramba Times is an online newspaper that covers news and current events in Ethiopia. It is known for its independent reporting and analysis of political and social issues in the country.
  6. Addis Zemen: Addis Zemen is an Amharic-language daily newspaper that covers news and current events in Ethiopia. It is published by the Ethiopian government and is known for its pro-government stance.
  7. Ethio Tribune: Ethio Tribune is an online newspaper that covers news and current events in Ethiopia. It is known for its critical reporting and analysis of political and social issues in the country.

These are just a few of the many newspapers available in Ethiopia. The country has a rich tradition of journalism, and its newspapers play a vital role in informing the public and shaping public opinion.

Top Ethiopian Newspapers

Ethiopian Reporter

Ethiopian Reporter is a tabloid format weekly newspaper. This private newspaper covers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia area. It is displayed in both English and Amharic. It was established on 8 July 1991 by the Media Communication Center. Until 2010, its editor and owner were Amare Aregaui. Its political alignment is the conservative editorial page.


Capital is a broadsheet format weekly business newspaper. Crown Publishing, plc is the owner and Teguest Yilma is the editor of this paper. From a pro-business perspective, it was founded in December 1998. Newspapers have opinions and special sections such as historian Richards Pankhurst Corner, cartoons, sports commentary, editorials, etc.

Addis Admass

Addis Admass is a private newspaper in Ethiopia. It publishes all content in the Amharic Language. It covers news such as Ethiopian latest news, politics, business, entertainment, and more.

Ethiopian News Agency

Ethiopian News Agency is a Governmental news agency in Ethiopia. This is the oldest news agency. In 1995 it became a semi-autonomous body under a board accountable to the House of Representatives. Its autonomy is very limited, where the government has complete control. Across the country, it has about three dozen branches.

Addis Fortune

Addis Fortune is a broadsheet format private and independent newspaper. It is known as the biggest English language weekly in the country. Its circulation is quoted at 7,500 copies per week. Independent News & Media Plc are the owners of this paper. The headquarter of this paper locates in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was founded in 2000.

Ethiopia Zare

Ethiopia Zare is a very popular weekly newspaper. This Amharic language newspaper was first launched in 1952. It was also produced in a French version. UNESCO recorded the paper as circulating 30,000 in 1982.

Walta Information Center

Walta Information Center is a commercial media organization. Mainly, it is owned and operated by the Ethiopian government. Walta TV is the Sister channel. It was started its journey in 1994. Its programs publish in English, Amharic, Arabic language.

Ezega News

Ezega News was established in 2007. It forms a very large website and bundles six distinct sections or modules into one. Also, it provides very recent Ethiopian news and information at a high price to readers. Its job site lists hundreds of Ethiopian jobs every week where anyone can browse the list at any time.

Ethiopian News Sites And Magazine

Today’s post will be useful for those who are interested in learning about Ethiopian Newspapers and the culture here. You can also check our site for the details of more newspapers from other countries.


Q: What are Ethiopian newspapers?

A: Ethiopian newspapers are publications that provide news, analysis, and commentary on current events in Ethiopia and around the world.

Q: How many newspapers are there in Ethiopia?

A: There are numerous newspapers in Ethiopia, with both English and Amharic language publications available.

Q: What are some popular Ethiopian newspapers?

A: Some popular Ethiopian newspapers include The Ethiopian Herald, Addis Fortune, Addis Admass, and Ethiopian Reporter.

Q: What language are Ethiopian newspapers published in?

A: Ethiopian newspapers are published in various languages, with Amharic and English being the most common.

Q: How can I access Ethiopian newspapers?

A: Ethiopian newspapers can be accessed both online and in print. Many newspapers have online versions that can be accessed for free or with a subscription.

Q: What topics do Ethiopian newspapers cover?

A: Ethiopian newspapers cover a wide range of topics, including politics, business, sports, entertainment, and culture.

Q: Are Ethiopian newspapers reliable sources of information?

A: Ethiopian newspapers are generally considered reliable sources of information, but readers should exercise critical thinking and fact-checking when reading any news source.

Q: Can I submit an article or opinion piece to an Ethiopian newspaper?

A: Yes, many Ethiopian newspapers accept submissions from readers, but you should check with each publication for their specific submission guidelines.

Q: Are there any independent newspapers in Ethiopia?

A: Yes, there are independent newspapers in Ethiopia, although media freedom is restricted to some extent.

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