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Today’s post is mainly about Gabon Newspapers, News Sites, and Magazines. The country of Gabon is bounded by equatorial Africa, which crosses the equator to the south and west of the Atlantic Ocean. The country’s capital, Libreville, is the largest city. Administratively, Gabon consists of nine provinces. Political opponents here are divided, weak, and financially dependent on the current system. Since independence, the country has not only encouraged the use of the national language in teaching but has also banned it. From high school, English is taught as a second language, then a third language is added from the third year.

All French-language newspapers, including L’Union, the country’s leading daily newspaper. The French still hold the lion’s share in the electronic media. However, the Gabonese authorities tried to ensure the promotion of the language on television and radio. About 50% of the six radio stations broadcast here, or three of the six channels, offer at least one weekly program. This is the case with Gabon Radio, Television, and Liberty Radio. Gabonese languages are used not only for informational purposes but also for training. However, a few languages are used in radio and television.

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Gabon Newspapers

Top 10 Gabon Newspapers


L’Union is a national daily French-language newspaper. Sogapresse is the publisher of this paper. It was established in 1973 by Fred Hidalgo.  The daily circulation of this paper is 25,000 copies. Until the death of President Omar Bango Odimbar, the government was considered a supporter. The daily suggested a more balanced approach to the 2009 Gabonese election campaign.

Gabo News

Gabo News is an independent news agency in Gabon. It is hosted by twenty journalists. This private press agency was first launched in 2004. This morality is consistent with the spirit of the effective communication code in the Gabonese Republic.

Gabon Actu

Gabon Actu is a very popular national newspaper. It covers politics, economy, environment, culture, society, sports, health, advertising, and many more.

Gabon Media Time‎

Gabon Media Time‎ is a leading daily newspaper. It is also known as GMT to many. It became quite popular with the people within a few days of printing. If you read this paper you will understand how much good news it writes. It features news like international updates, tribune, editorial, sports, culture, environment, and economy.

Info 241

Info 241 is a news site for those who want to get 24-hour updates very quickly. Because this is a site where you will get 24/7 updates in a short time. Check out its online website to see how many types of news there are. One of them is economy, sports, politics, health, society, sports, and more.

‎A Libreville

A Libreville newspaper is named after Gabon’s capital. In this newspaper, you will find updates on business, national news, sports, the economy, and much more.

Gabon Review

If you read the Gabon Review newspaper, you will know the overall situation here. Even here you will get direct feedback from the people. Many call it a people’s newspaper.

Gabon Magazines And News Sites

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