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From today’s article, you can learn about the details of El Salvador Newspapers and news sites. El Salvador is a very wonderful and little country in Central America. This hill country is also known as the land of volcanoes where there are frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity. The country includes a broken economy that suffers low costs due to a weak collection system, the consequences of a cyclone, the closure of industrial plants, and devastating earthquakes. Conversely, the amount of inflation has faded in recent years but has increased by 100% and exports significantly.

The deficit is filled by remittances and financial aid to Salvadorans from abroad. Since the US Greenback has become a legal bid at the same time due to the colon. Media life of El Salvador is conducted in Spanish and partly in English, although only Spanish seems to be in official documents. Media Square Measure-Tired Spanish, aside from a few foreign newspapers whose square measure is available in English or Portuguese. In fact, from the legal point of view of reading, it is often mentioned above that the only policy here is to preserve the official language, once it is rarely at risk.

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El Salvador Newspapers

Top 10 El Salvador Newspapers

El Diario de Hoy

El Diario de Hoy is a daily Spanish-language newspaper. Enrique Altamirano Madriz is the director, Fabricio Altamirano is the executive director, and Eduardo Torres is the editor of this paper. The headquarter of this paper locates in San Salvador, El Salvador. It was launched on 2 May 1936 by Napoleon Viera Altamirano and his wife, Mercedes Madriz. It launched the e-commerce marketplace pagapoco.com in 2011. Where customers can find discount services and merchandise that can be purchased as coupons.

La Prensa Gráfica

La Prensa Gráfica is a daily tabloid format newspaper. Grupo Dutriz is the owner, Rodolfo Dutriz is the Publisher, and Jose Roberto Dutriz is the Editor of this paper. It was appeared on 10 May 1915 by José and Antonio Dutriz. It became one of the first color-printed newspapers in Central America. Its headquarters locates in Antiguo Cuscatlan. The first issue of this newspaper had four standard-sized pages.

El Mundo

El Mundo is a compact format daily newspaper. It was founded on 23 October 1989. Alfonso de Salas, Pedro J. Ramírez, and Balbino Fraga y Juan González are the co-founder of this paper. Unidad Editorial S.A. is the owner of this paper. The political alignment of this Spanish-language newspaper is center-right. Its sister newspaper is the Marca Expansión. The paper is considered one of the country’s leading newspapers, including El Pais and ABC.

el Grafico

el Grafico is a monthly online sports magazine. Its print media period was 1919-2018 and online 2018-present. The first issue of this magazine was published on 30 May 1919 by Constancio Vigil. Basically, it publishes all content in the Spanish language.

Diario Co Latino (San Salvador)

Diario Co Latino (San Salvador) is a daily newspaper in tabloid format. Diario Co Latino de R.L. and Sociedad Cooperativa de empleados de are the owner and Francisco Elías Val is the editor of this paper. It was published on 15 November 1890 by intellectual and journalist Miguel Pinto. Francisco E. Valencia is currently leading the editorial team.

Ultima Hora

Ultima Hora is the best-selling and widely-reading newspaper in El Salvador. It was established on 1 May 1893 by Josep Tous Ferrer. The paper is dedicated to local news and is distinguished by the Palma City Gold Medal. It features sports, politics, education, economy, entertainment, and more.

El Salvador Other News Sites

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