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Ecuador is the republic country of Southwest USA that is situated in northwesterly. It is the smallest country in Southwest USA. The 1979 organization gave the freedom of reading and reflects of thought to Ecuadorians. The different states of America publish their own different newspapers. The news media of Ecuador is much more advance. Ecuador newspapers publish very important news that’s are very useful to all of us.

Do you think a day without newspapers? No, it’s not possible. If we want to lead a modern life then newspapers are the best way to know daily updates. In order to keep pace with the present age, everyone has to have more or less an idea about everything. A newspaper gives us almost all types of news as the current affair of nation, politics, business, education, economy, sports, daily lifestyle, news around the world, and more.

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Ecuador Newspapers

Ecuador newspapers and news sites

Now I am writing about the details of Ecuador newspapers and news sites.

El Comercio – El Comercio is a leading daily newspaper in Spain. It was established on 2 September 1878. The format of this newspaper is tabloid that is written in the Spanish language. When it comes to the circulation matter, El Comercio is the second-largest newspaper in Asturias.  Grupo Vocento is the owner of this paper. Its headquarter are located in Gijon, Asturias. It publishes national and international current news, economy, politics, science & technology.

El Universo – El Universo was established in 1921. The founder of this newspaper was Ismael Perez Pazmino. Carlos, Cesar, and Nicolas are the owner of this paper now this time. It is one of the largest newspapers in Ecuador. Guayaquil is the headquarters of this newspaper. It covers economics, politics, crime, entertainment, news from different provinces, sports, and more.

La Hora – La Hora is a regional newspaper in Ecuador. The slogan of this paper is “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW” which commits to giving practical, useful, and truthful information to readers. Quito is the headquarters of this paper. The newspaper is specialized in regional news and it has a total of 10 regional editions.

Los Andes – Los Andes is a daily newspaper in Argentina that is published in Mendoza city. It is first published in 1883 by Adolfo Calle. The paper became available on the internet in September 1995. It contains articles about politics, commercials, multimedia, events, sports, and current news over the world.

El Rio – El Rio is a news site that is writing all about health. This site has more categories like patients, doctors, health, donation, career.

La NaciónLa Nación is an Argentine leading newspaper. It is founded on 4 January 1870. Bartolomé Mitre was the founder of this paper. The present owner of this company is MNMS Holding and Mitre family. It is written in the Spanish language. The format of this newspaper is tabloid on weekdays and broadsheet on weekends. It features science, economy, trends, international news, sports, and more.

El Telegrafo – El Telegrafo is a daily newspaper in Ecuador. It is established in 1884. Its headquarters are located in Guayaquil. It covers the economy, society, justice, culture, fanatic, society, news around the world.

Metro Quil – Metro Quil was established in Sweden in 1995. Day by day it grew on the different continents, first in Europe, then in Latin America, and then in Asia & North America. At present time, Metro is 28 countries. It publishes articles on the topic of news, sports, entertainment, technology, lifestyle, and more.

Expreso (Guayaquil) – Expreso is a leading news site in Ecuador. It published in the Spanish language. It features varieties of news like politics, economy, sports, health, fashion, job, science & technology, travels.

Extra – Extra is a popular online newspaper in Ecuador. It publishes current news, sports, daily lifestyle, opinions. This site covers most of the sports news.

Ecuador Daily Newspapers

Now I’m going to share with you all Ecuador newspapers list. Most of them are on a daily basis.

All of the newspapers from Ecuador. You can read them both online and in daily print. If you have more list of this newspaper, let’s know via the comment section.

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