Ecuador Newspapers Online & Latest News Sites

Ecuador Newspapers Online & Latest News Sites

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You can learn about the details of Ecuador Newspapers and news sites. The Republic of Ecuador is a country in the northwest of the southwestern United States. The country is heavily dependent on its oil resources. Which has accounted for 1/4 of the general public sector and 1/2 of the country’s export earnings in recent years. The 1979 organization gave Ecuadorians the freedom to read and the ethics to reflect thought.

Media possession has been noticed in the guardianship of a few student interests. Within the new nineteen-eighties, with the exception of National Tuner, all media were below certain conditions. Which transcended the subject of the Minister in the Ministerial Stratum, formerly known as the Soul. The Secretariat of Materials is managed by Febres Cordero. However, the government regulates the allocation of wireless and broadcasting magnitude relations.

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Ecuador Newspapers

Top 10 Ecuador Newspapers

El Comercio

El Comercio is a Berliner format daily newspaper. It was started its journey in 1839 by Jose Antonio Miró Quesada. Miró Quesada Family and El Comercio Group are the owner of this paper. It is the most oldest and essential newspaper in the country. As well as one of the oldest Spanish language newspapers.

El Universo

El Universo is one of the biggest newspapers. Carlos, Cesar, and Nicolas Perez are the owners of this paper. It was established on 16 September 1921 by Ismael Pérez Pazmiño. The headquarter of this paper locates in Guayaquil. It was revealed from its foundation with only small obstacles during the dictatorship. The political alignment of this paper is center-right Conservative. It covers crime, politics, economy, International news, sports, business, lifestyle, Paris news from the provinces, Guayaquil News, and more.

La Hora

La Hora is a widely-reading newspaper in Ecuador. It runs a total of 10 regional editions, mainly as a regional news specialist. The headquarter of this paper situates in Quito.

El Telegrafo

El Telegrafo is a daily Spanish-language newspaper in Ecuador. Ecuador’s Government is the owner and Orlando Pérez is the editor of this paper. It was launched in 1884. Its political alignment is public. The headquarter of this paper locates in Guayaquil. It is also called the Online Newspaper of Ecuador.

Expreso (Guayaquil)

Expreso (Guayaquil) tabloid format daily newspaper. It was established on 25 July 1973. Galo Martínez Merchán, Roberto Dunn Barreiro, and Errol Cartwright are the co-founder of this paper. The political ideology of this newspaper is completely liberal. Granasa Galo is the owner and Martínez Leisker is the director of this paper. Sara Spain is the chief editor of this paper. It has an opportunity for national and international distribution.


Vistazo is a biweekly Spanish-language newspaper. The circulation number of this paper is 23,000. It was established on 4 June 1957 by Xavier Alvarado Roca. It was a guide to bring readers to national music, classical music, folk music, ranchera music, Latin music, folk music, tropical music, urban music, rock, retro music, memory music, romantic music, rock music, fashion music.

Ultimas Noticias

Ultimas Noticias is a daily newspaper which is owned by Robert Hanson. The headquarter situates in Caracas, Venezuela. It was launched on 16 September 1941 by President Medina Angarita. Eleazar Díaz Rangel is the chief editor of this paper. Its political alignment is center-left. The circulation number of this paper is 300,000.

Ecuador Newspapers And News Sites

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