List Of Egypt Newspapers In Online (Updated Version)

A newspaper is a publication where we can get varieties of news like current affairs, politics, business, education, sports, weather, review, and many more topics. Traditionally, the newspaper is published in print. But at this present time, we can get news on a website as online.   Day by day newspapers develops their quality like large circulation, high journalism quality, and high editorial independence. Some newspapers site have a news magazine that is weekly, monthly, or yearly. In this post, you can read Egypt newspaper and news site details.

Egypt is situated in Africa in the corner of northeastern. Egyptian Arabic is the national language of this country. The media sector of this country is very strong and develop. Most of the people’s religion is Islam and Arabic is the official language of this country. In Africa, Egypt is known for its third-largest economic system. Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the biggest city compared with others. On the Africa continent, Egypt newspapers are very popular.

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Egypt Newspapers

About Egypt Newspapers

Egypt has a vibrant and diverse newspaper industry with a rich history that dates back to the 19th century. Today, there are over 50 newspapers published in Egypt, with a wide range of political affiliations, audiences, and editorial styles.

One of the oldest and most well-known newspapers in Egypt is Al-Ahram, which was founded in 1875 and is still published today. It is considered one of the most influential newspapers in the Arab world, with a circulation of over 1 million copies. Al-Ahram is known for its coverage of Egyptian politics and culture, as well as its international news coverage.

Other popular newspapers in Egypt include Al-Masry Al-Youm, which was founded in 2004 and has quickly become one of the most widely read newspapers in the country. It is known for its independent and investigative journalism, as well as its coverage of social issues and human rights.

Another prominent newspaper in Egypt is Al-Wafd, which was founded in 1924 and is affiliated with the Wafd Party. It has a strong focus on Egyptian politics and is known for its opposition to the ruling government.

There are also several newspapers that cater to specific audiences, such as Al-Ahram Hebdo, which is published in French and targets the French-speaking community in Egypt, and Al-Gomhuria, which is published in Arabic and is affiliated with the Egyptian government.

In addition to traditional print newspapers, Egypt also has a growing number of online newspapers and news websites, such as Egypt Independent and Daily News Egypt. These outlets provide a platform for independent journalism and often have a wider reach than traditional print newspapers.

Overall, the newspaper industry in Egypt is diverse and dynamic, with a range of voices and perspectives represented. Despite challenges such as government censorship and declining circulation, newspapers in Egypt continue to play an important role in shaping public discourse and providing a window into the country’s political and cultural landscape.

Egypt Newspapers And News Sites

Now, I am writing the details of the Egypt newspapers with an internal link. All news sites are very well known in Egypt.

Al-Ahram – Al-Ahram is a daily Egyptian newspaper in the Arabic language. The paper was first published on 5 August 1875. It is the second oldest paper in Egypt after Al-Waki’i’ al-Masriya. Egyptian Government is the owner of this paper. This paper is published in broadsheet format. It covers culture, art, economics, sports, social media, and satellite channel.

Akhbar El Yom  – Akhbar El Yom was established in November 1944. This weekly newspaper also has a magazine format. It is written in the Arabic language and published on Sunday. Cairo is the headquarters of this paper. It features articles on the topics of economic, sports, accident news, Arab & International, Egypt news, art & culture, medical news, and society news.

Al-Masry Al-Youm – Al-Masry Al-Youm is a daily newspaper and founded on 7 June 2004. Basically, it is published in the Arabic language on its website. But the paper starts its  English version websites in 2009 for international readers. The headquarters of this paper are located in Garden City, Cairo, Egypt. It is written in a compact format. The paper publishes culture, art, economy, policy, and sports.

Albawaba – Albawaba is a daily newspaper in Egypt. The paper writes about many more important articles like culture, world news, economy, satellite tv, sports, reports, and investigation.

Al Wafd – Al Wafd is a daily newspaper in Giza, Egypt. It was founded in 1984 by the Wafd party. The paper is published in broadsheet format. It covers fashion, politics, economy, media, and more.

El Watan – El Watan is an independent newspaper. It was established in 1990. The paper publishes a variety of topics like Arabs & the world, economy, culture, sports, Egypt news, weather, and politics.

El Fagr – El Fagr is a weekly newspaper that was founded on 3 June 2005. The headquarters are located in Cairo, Egypt. It published in the broadsheet format and written in the Arabic language.

Al Gomhuria – Al Gomhuria was first published in 1954. The headquarters of this daily newspaper is Ramsees, Cairo, Egypt. It is written in broadsheet format.

Masr Alarabia – Masr Alarabia is a leading newspaper in Egypt. It publishes Egypt news, politics, education, culture, and more.

Egypt Daily newspapers

We just move now to the daily newspaper appear. All Egypt newspapers providing here for online reading. If you want to read the hard copy then you can subscribe for e-papers or purchase from the hawker.

Finally, we are done presenting to all Egypt newspapers online. The newspapers are published based on national, international, and local ways.


Q: What are some of the popular newspapers in Egypt?

A: Some of the most popular newspapers in Egypt include Al-Ahram, Al-Masry Al-Youm, Al-Shorouk, and Al Watan.

Q: Is it possible to read Egypt newspapers online?

A: Yes, most of the popular newspapers in Egypt have online editions that can be accessed through their websites.

Q: Are Egypt newspapers available in languages other than Arabic?

A: Some newspapers in Egypt are published in languages other than Arabic, such as English and French. However, the majority of newspapers are in Arabic.

Q: Can I subscribe to Egypt newspapers if I live outside of Egypt?

A: Yes, many newspapers in Egypt offer subscription services for readers outside of Egypt. Some newspapers also offer digital subscriptions that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Q: What topics do Egypt newspapers cover?

A: Egypt newspapers cover a wide range of topics including politics, economics, sports, entertainment, culture, and international news.

Q: Are there any government-owned newspapers in Egypt?

A: Yes, Al-Ahram is a government-owned newspaper in Egypt.

Q: Are there any independent newspapers in Egypt?

A: Yes, there are several independent newspapers in Egypt including Al-Masry Al-Youm, Al-Shorouk, and Al-Watan.

Q: What is the circulation of Egypt newspapers?

A: The circulation of Egypt newspapers varies, with some newspapers having a larger circulation than others. Al-Ahram is one of the most widely circulated newspapers in Egypt.

Q: What is the political affiliation of Egypt newspapers?

A: The political affiliation of Egypt newspapers varies, with some newspapers having a more liberal or conservative bias than others. Al-Ahram is generally considered to have a pro-government bias.

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