Bulgarian Newspapers Online & Latest News (Update List)

Bulgarian Newspapers Online & Latest News (Update List)

Bulgaria is a Balkan country with a mountainous interior, a Black Sea coast, and rivers, including the Danube. Its capital at the foot of the domed mountain is Sophia. Expenditure on research and development 0.78% of GDP. This country has made plenty of contributions to space exploration. Today’s post describes the details of Bulgarian Newspapers and their news sites.

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Bulgarian Newspapers

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Top List Of Bulgarian Newspapers

24 Chasa (24 часа)

24 Chasa (24 часа) is one of the most popular mainstream newspapers in Bulgaria. Media Group Bulgaria is the current owner of this paper. Its headquarter locates in Sofia. It publishes in the Bulgarian language and tabloid format. The paper was founded on 1 April 1991. One of the most well-known features of the paper is the daily cartoon Ivancho i Mariyka. It was part of the German Waz Media Group until 2010. Since then it has been Media Group Bulgaria, LLC. It publishes current news, sports, regional, health, and more.

Standart (Стандарт)

Standart (Стандарт) was first published in 1992. Todor Batkov is the chairman of the board editors. Mainly it publishes in the Bulgarian language. But the online edition is available in the English language. It covers news such as politics, education, travel, entertainment, travel, and more.

Bulgaria Dnes

Bulgaria Dnes is a popular daily newspaper based in Sofia. It’s all content publishes in the Bulgarian language. You can read this newspaper to get all the true and authentic news.


Kompas is a national newspaper in Bulgaria. It was founded on 28 June 1965 by Jakob Oetama and P. K. Ojong. PT Kompas Media Nusantara is the current owner of this paper. Its political alignment is secular. It publishes in the Indonesian language. Its Sister newspaper is Kontan. The paper average circulation is 500,000. It is divided into three main sections: a front section containing national and international news, a sports section, and a business and finance section.

Dnevnik (Дневник)

Dnevnik (Дневник) always publishes politics, business, sports, health, climate, agriculture, regions, health, insurance, economy, and many more. You can read the print copy as well as the online copy. Although printed in Bulgarian, it can be translated into English online.

Monitor (Монитор)

Monitor (Монитор) is a very well known newspaper in Bulgaria. Those who are interested in Bulgarian culture and regular updates can read this newspaper. The paper prints current updates of national and international, entertainment, education, economy, business, and more.

Bulgarian News And Online Sites

This post will help you to get the details and links of Bulgarian Newspapers. There is a link to the description of each form where you can read the Bulgarian news directly.

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