Bosnian Newspapers Online & Latest News (Update List)

Bosnian Newspapers Online & Latest News (Update List)

Bosnia is a country located on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe. Its countryside includes rivers, medieval villages, and lakes, plus the Crazy Dinaric Alps. You can check its media site to know the culture, heritage, surroundings of this country. Because its media sites contain all this. You can also read the newspapers of this country regularly if you want to get a better idea about other issues of this country. Worried about how to read the news of this country from other countries? There is no reason to worry because in this age of online everything is possible. And we have a website where you can get regular updates of newspapers of all countries. In today’s article, you will find details about Bosnian Newspapers with links to each newspaper.

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List Of Bosnian Newspapers

Dnevni Avaz (Daily Voice)

Dnevni Avaz (Daily Voice) is the best-selling daily newspaper in Bosnia. It was founded on 15 September 1993 by Fahrudin Radončić weekly. Fahrudin Radončić re-established it as a daily newspaper in 1995. The Avaz-roto press is the current proprietor of this paper. After Google and YouTube, their web portal is the third most visited website in Bosnia. Fahir Karalić is the chief editor and Avaz-roto press is the publisher of this paper. Basically, it prints in Bosnian language but NYT supplements in English.

Nezavisne Novine

Nezavisne Novine prints in Serbian and Bosnian languages. It was founded on 27 December 1995 by Željko Kopanja. Starting with a circulation of 4,000, the newspaper later became a daily, and over the next five years, its circulation rose to 18,000. Its headquarter locates in Banja Luka. NIGD “DNN” is the owner of this paper. The political consistency of this newspaper is liberal. It covers sports, economy, culture, life & style, science, and technology.


Oslobodenje is a daily Berliner format newspaper. Sarajevska Pivara and Sarajevo Tobacco Factory are the owners of this paper. Vildana Selimbegović is the editor-in-chief. The political coordination of this paper is center-left liberal. On paper Bosnia and Herzegovina is close to the Social Democratic Party. The circulation number of this paper is 2,657. The headquarter of this paper locates on Branilaca Sarajeva 25.

Klix‎.ba is a web portal, the fourth most visited website in Bosnia and Herzegovina. InterSoft d.o.o. Sarajevo is the owner of this paper. It was established in 2000 as a forum called Sarajevo-X and was renamed in 2012. Every day it brings information and news from Bosnia and around the world.

Hrvatska Rijec

Hrvatska Rijec is a weekly newspaper in Serbia. It was established on 31 May 1945. Normally, it publishes in the Croatian language. It always covers many important topics in national and international.


Vijesti is a Berliner format daily newspaper. It has 4 founders (59%), Styria Medien AG (25%), and MDIF (16%). It was founded on 1 September 1997. Of Print at est. 2.900 (2019) and 6.09 mil./month at Online.


Mondo is a very popular and leading newspaper in Bosnia. This paper publishes news such as current affairs of Bosnia, international breaking news, sports, politics, education, and more.

Bosnian News And Online Sites

This post will help you to get the details and online links of Bosnian Newspapers. There is a link to the description of each form where you can read the Bosnian news directly.

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