List Of All Latest Daily Bolivian Newspapers and news sites

Newspaper is an important medium for any kind of news in today’s world. This newspaper is one of the means of getting any kind of news such as current affairs, sports, business, politics, lifestyle, entertainment, travel, education, and more of the present time. Each country has its own printed newspaper. However, in the current era, the demand for the printed newspapers as well as online websites is much higher. Bolivia’s Plurinational State is an amazingly scenic country in the West American region. Bolivian Newspapers are a great medium for getting the latest news on this country. Most of the newspapers of this country are written in the Spanish language.

The Bolivian media has about 200 privately owned television stations, but there is very little television in rural areas and very little television reception in most parts of the country, with radio remaining an important news broadcaster. This country has eight national newspapers, including many local newspapers. Most Bolivians get all types of news from radio broadcasts and newspapers. Due to a lack of time, most people read online newspapers. So, most of the Bolivian online newspapers website also available to read any news.

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Bolivian Newspapers

About Bolivian Newspapers 

Bolivia has a diverse and vibrant newspaper industry, with a range of daily and weekly publications available throughout the country. These newspapers cover a broad range of topics, including politics, economics, sports, entertainment, and more, and serve as a critical source of information and analysis for the Bolivian people.

Some of the most popular daily newspapers in Bolivia include El Deber, La Razón, and Página Siete. El Deber is the largest newspaper in Bolivia, with a daily circulation of around 120,000 copies. It covers national and international news, with a particular focus on politics, business, and sports. La Razón is another major daily newspaper, known for its in-depth reporting on politics, economics, and social issues. Página Siete is a relatively new daily newspaper that has quickly gained popularity among young, urban readers. It offers a fresh, modern take on news and current events, with a focus on human interest stories and cultural reporting.

In addition to these major daily newspapers, there are also numerous weekly publications that cover specific topics or regions of the country. For example, La Época is a weekly newspaper that focuses on politics and social issues, while Los Tiempos is a weekly newspaper that covers news and events in the Cochabamba region.

One of the unique features of the Bolivian newspaper industry is the prevalence of community newspapers. These publications are typically run by local journalists and cover news and events in specific neighborhoods or towns. Community newspapers play an important role in keeping residents informed about local issues and events, and in fostering a sense of community among their readers.

Overall, the Bolivian newspaper industry is a vibrant and dynamic part of the country’s media landscape. Whether you’re interested in politics, economics, sports, or culture, there’s sure to be a Bolivian newspaper that meets your needs and interests.

List Of Bolivian Daily Newspapers 

Bolivia has very developed in all sites as well as the media industry. There are daily, weekly, and yearly newspapers and magazines are available in this country. Let’s have a look at Bolivian daily newspapers.

El Diario

El Diario is a daily newspaper in La Paz, Bolivia. It is the oldest newspaper in Bolivia and was established in 1904. Antonio Carrasco G. is the owner of this newspaper. It is written in Tabloid format.

Los Tiempos

Los Tiempos was established on 16 September 1943. It is a daily newspaper in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Demetrio Canelas was the founder of this newspaper. It publishes in the Spanish language and written in Berliner format. It features the latest news, economy, sports, business, science, education, health, environment, and technology.

La Patria

La Patria was founded in 1919. It is the oldest leading newspaper in Bolivia. The newspaper covers varieties of news such as politics, economy, technology, health, education, environment, science, and sports.

El Deber

El Deber was founded in 1953 in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Grupo El Deber is the owner of this paper. This daily newspaper publishes in Tabloid and written in the Spanish language.

La Razón

La Razón is a daily newspaper in Madrid, Spain. It was established in 1998 by Luis Maria Ansón. The owner of this newspaper is Grupo Planeta. It covers all types of national and international latest news. It publishes in tabloid format. Mauricio Casals is the publisher of this paper.

El Mundo

El Mundo is a famous newspaper in Madrid. It was founded on 23 October 1989 by Pedro J. Ramírez. It publishes in the compact and Spanish language.


Opinión is a digital leading newspaper. The paper severs from Cochabamba city of central Bolivia. It covers national & international news, sports, culture, trend, health, and more.

Página Siete

Página Siete was established on 24 April 2010. It is a daily newspaper and publishes in tabloid format. The headquarter of this newspaper is La Paz, Bolivia. The paper mainly covers economics and politics. Besides it also has cultural and social sections.

EA Bolivia

EA Bolivia is a leading newspaper in Bolivia. It features business, politics, education, sports, entertainment, and more.

Urgente BO‎

Urgente BO is a leading well-known newspaper in Bolivia. It covers varieties of news from national and international.

Bolivian News Sites & Newspapers

Now time to see the news sites and newspapers of Bolivia. All newspaper’s name and the link provided below. If you want to know the daily update of the Bolivian then these all are the perfect ways to getting any update.

All news sites of Bolivia always publish authentically and real news. If you have any questions about this article then let us know in the comment section.


Q: What are some popular Bolivian newspapers?

A: Some popular Bolivian newspapers include El Deber, La Razón, Página Siete, Los Tiempos, and El Diario.

Q: Are Bolivian newspapers available in both Spanish and English?

A: Most Bolivian newspapers are published in Spanish, but some may have English-language versions or sections available.

Q: How often are Bolivian newspapers published?

A: Most Bolivian newspapers are published daily, although some may be published on a weekly or monthly basis.

Q: Can I access Bolivian newspapers online?

A: Yes, many Bolivian newspapers have online editions that can be accessed through their websites or through news aggregator sites.

Q: Are Bolivian newspapers politically biased?

A: Some Bolivian newspapers have been accused of political bias in their reporting, but this can vary depending on the publication.

Q: What topics do Bolivian newspapers cover?

A: Bolivian newspapers cover a wide range of topics, including local and national news, politics, economics, sports, entertainment, and culture.

Q: How can I submit a letter to the editor of a Bolivian newspaper?

A: You can typically submit a letter to the editor of a Bolivian newspaper by email or through a designated online submission form.

Q: Can I subscribe to Bolivian newspapers for home delivery?

A: Yes, many Bolivian newspapers offer home delivery subscriptions for their print editions.

Q: Are Bolivian newspapers reliable sources of information?

A: As with any news source, the reliability of Bolivian newspapers can vary depending on the publication and the specific article or topic being reported on. It’s always a good idea to cross-check information from multiple sources to ensure accuracy.

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