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You can learn more about Bhutan Newspapers and its print media from today’s post. The state of Bhutan is a land of abundant natural beauty and heritage. This peaceful and landlocked country is situated in the South Asian region. It is an independent nation with a single parliamentary constitutional monarchy government. Thimphu is considered the capital and largest city of the country. The capital is home to a large number of people. The economy of this country is one of the few small and least developed international locations in the world, based on structure and afforestation. Agriculture mainly involves livelihood and animal husbandry. They make good money from tourism.

Education and learning are considered to be a right for which there are people and it is vital for this place to be able to achieve moral, social, and economic goals. The government not only charges no tuition and even provides free stationery and textbooks to the children of the country. The level of special literacy has increased significantly in the last few years. Most of the schools here focus on teaching English. Bhutan is also a green country because most of the land in the country is covered by forests. Anyone can come here and take a healthy breath easily while walking around. Before visiting here, you can learn more about this place from the media sites here.

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Bhutan Newspapers

About Bhutan Newspapers

Bhutan is a small landlocked country in South Asia, known for its unique culture and traditions. The country has a vibrant media landscape, with several newspapers serving the local population.

Bhutan’s first newspaper was launched in 1965 and was called the “Kuensel” (meaning “message” in Dzongkha, the national language of Bhutan). It was launched as a weekly newspaper and later became a daily newspaper in 2006. Kuensel is the oldest and most widely circulated newspaper in Bhutan, covering local, national, and international news.

Apart from Kuensel, Bhutan has several other newspapers, including Bhutan Times, Bhutan Observer, Bhutan Today, and Druk Neytshul. These newspapers are available in both print and online formats and cover a wide range of topics, including politics, business, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle.

The Bhutanese, which started in 2009, is the first privately owned newspaper in the country. It is known for its investigative journalism and unbiased reporting and has gained a reputation as a reliable source of news and information in Bhutan.

In addition to newspapers, Bhutan also has several radio and television stations, including Bhutan Broadcasting Service, which is the national broadcaster. The media landscape in Bhutan is regulated by the government, and all media outlets must adhere to the country’s strict media laws, which prohibit the publication of any content that could be deemed offensive or harmful to the country’s culture and traditions.

Overall, the newspapers in Bhutan play an important role in informing and educating the local population about national and international issues, and promoting freedom of expression and democratic values in the country.

Top List Of Bhutan Newspapers

Like every country, Bhutan media sites are quite developed. Where newspapers and magazines are printed, TV channels are broadcast, there are also some radio channels. Let’s take a look at the descriptions of the top media sites here.


Kuensel is a national daily newspaper. Kuensel Corporation is the owner and publisher of this paper. It was established in 1967 as an internal government bulletin. Normally, it publishes in Dzongkha and English language. The headquarter of this paper locates in Thimphu. Paper is distributed by sales agents employed across the country. Customers also receive a PDF version of the paper. Sonam Pelden is the editor of this paper. It features business, sports, the latest national updates, editorial, and more.

Bhutan News Service

Bhutan News Service is the oldest and first newspaper in Bhutan. The headquarter of this paper locates in Kathmandu, Nepal. Since 2004, it run as an independent news agency by Bhutanese refugee journalists. The agency is run exclusively by refugees who have been born or without previous media experience and raised in most refugee camps. News services emerged as an alternative to conventional media publishing. Currently, about two dozen journalists and more than half a dozen editors from different countries are volunteering to contribute to the news service.

The Bhutanese

The first issue date of The Bhutanese is 21 February 2012 by investigative journalist Tenzing Lamsang. Basically, it was featured bi-weekly on Saturdays and Wednesdays. But it has only been published weekly on Saturdays since August 2013. The paper is mainly printed in English but also in the Dzongkha section. The headquarter locates in Thimphu, Bhutan.

Business Bhutan

Business Bhutan is the only financial weekly magazine in Bhutan. It was originally written in English with the Dzongkha language section. It also focuses on Bhutan’s business, politics, economy, and sports. This paper was founded in December 2009. Chimi Narbhu and Chimi Yangden are the owners of this paper.

Bhutan Magazines and news sites

In addition to newspapers, some magazines are published in Bhutan monthly or b-yearly. There are also several channels available for those who are radio lovers.

From this post, you can learn about Bhutan Newspapers, Magazines, Radio Stations, and all the media sectors. You will also find descriptions of the top media and online links to each.


Q: What are some popular newspapers in Bhutan?

A: Some popular newspapers in Bhutan are Kuensel, Bhutan Times, Bhutan Observer, Bhutan Today, and Business Bhutan.

Q: Are newspapers easily available in Bhutan?

A: Yes, newspapers are easily available in Bhutan. They can be purchased from local shops and vendors or subscribed to for home delivery.

Q: In what language are Bhutanese newspapers published?

A: Most newspapers in Bhutan are published in English, but there are also some newspapers that are published in Dzongkha, the official language of Bhutan.

Q: What kind of news is covered by Bhutanese newspapers?

A: Bhutanese newspapers cover a range of news topics including local news, national news, international news, business news, sports, entertainment, and politics.

Q: Is there any online version of Bhutanese newspapers?

A: Yes, many Bhutanese newspapers have an online version that can be accessed through their websites or mobile apps.

Q: What is the circulation of Bhutanese newspapers?

A: The circulation of Bhutanese newspapers varies depending on the publication, but the most popular newspapers have a circulation of several thousand copies.

Q: Are there any government-run newspapers in Bhutan?

A: Kuensel is a government-run newspaper in Bhutan.

Q: Can I advertise in Bhutanese newspapers?

A: Yes, you can advertise in Bhutanese newspapers. Contact the advertising department of the newspaper you are interested in for more information on rates and placement options.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the content of Bhutanese newspapers?

A: Bhutanese newspapers must comply with the country’s media laws, which include restrictions on content that is considered to be defamatory, seditious, or that incites violence or discrimination.

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