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From today’s post, you will find the list, description, and link of Barbados Newspapers. Barbados is an island nation in the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea. It is the easternmost of the islands in the Caribbean Sea. Barbados has been a British colony for almost three centuries. It gained freedom from the United Kingdom in 1967. The country typically experiences two seasons, which include significantly more rainfall. The first “wet season” period mainly runs from June to December. In contrast, the second “dry season” basically lasts from December to May.

The economy of this country was dependent on sugarcane cultivation and related activities. British colonial heritage, like other Caribbean countries, cricket is very famous on the island. The West Indies cricket team usually consists of several Barbadian players. Although small in number, there are some very popular print media. Where regular country and foreign news and other issues are printed. One of the great advantages of this is that you can read newspapers from anywhere in the world on an online website.

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Barbados Newspapers

About Barbados Newspapers

Barbados has a diverse and active newspaper industry that serves its population of approximately 287,000 people. The newspapers in Barbados provide a mix of local and international news, as well as coverage of sports, entertainment, and other topics of interest to Barbadians.

One of the oldest newspapers in Barbados is the Barbados Advocate, which was founded in 1895. The Barbados Advocate is a daily newspaper that provides coverage of local and international news, as well as editorials and opinion pieces. The newspaper is available both in print and online.

Another popular newspaper in Barbados is the Nation News, which was founded in 1973. The Nation News is also a daily newspaper that covers local and international news, as well as sports, entertainment, and lifestyle topics. The newspaper has a large online presence and is available both in print and online.

In addition to these two major newspapers, there are several other newspapers in Barbados that cater to specific audiences. The Barbados Today, for example, is a digital-only newspaper that provides breaking news, analysis, and commentary on current events. The Advocate’s Business Monday is focused on business and finance news, while the Catholic Standard provides news and information for the Catholic community in Barbados.

Overall, Barbados has a diverse and active newspaper industry that provides a wide range of news and information to its population. Whether in print or online, these newspapers play an important role in keeping Barbadians informed and engaged with the world around them.

List Of Barbados Newspapers

Some of the most notable newspapers in Barbados are discussed in detail here. Where you can find its release date, publication number, owner, features, and much more.

Barbados Advocate

The first issue date of Barbados Advocate was in 1895. It is the second most influential daily newspaper in Barbados. It covers a wide range of topics including entertainment news, business, sports, politics, editorial, and special features. In addition, this paper covers investigative journalism, as well as regional, local, and international news every day. The paper is headquartered in the St. Michael area, in Fontabelle, west of the capital, Bridgetown. The paper was owned in 2000 by Anthony T. Bryan. Its performance was frozen at 7,000 and 12,000 Sundays.

Barbados Gazette

Barbados Gazette is a governmental Gazette. Since 1966 the paper has been published in Bridgetown. Mainly, it is the official communications arm of the Barbados Govt. The headquarter of this paper locates in Old Town Hall, Cheapside, Barbados. Its publishing department also provides press coverage of some foreign activities of the government.

Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is a very popular TV and radio broadcaster. The Barbadian Government is the owner of this paper. It was started its journey in 1963 as Radio. The TV service broadcasts on Channel 8 which is the only legally licensed. The corporation also operates and owns three radio stations. In addition to terrestrial radio and television, it operates a wireless cable TV subscription. Which service is called Multi-Choice TV. It supplies many television stations around the world, including the United States, the Caribbean, Canada, Latin America, and Europe.

Caribbean News Agency (CANA)

Caribbean News Agency (CANA) is a popular print and broadcast media outlet. It was established in 1975 as the successor to the former Reuters Caribbean service. The famous Stake-holding media companies share their own content with CANA. Which will enter the stories and articles of other media houses.

Barbados News Sites Online

Below are the names of some more Barbados newspapers with links. You can read the current news directly from the website just by clicking on the link.

You can find all the updates of Barbados Newspapers and the link to read the news directly online in this article on our website. This website is for those who prefer to read online news from print copy.


Q: What are some of the newspapers in Barbados?

A: Some of the newspapers in Barbados include The Barbados Advocate, The Nation, Barbados Today, and The Bajan Reporter.

Q: What kind of news do Barbados newspapers cover?

A: Barbados newspapers cover a wide range of news, including local and international news, politics, sports, business, entertainment, and lifestyle.

Q: Are there any English-language newspapers in Barbados?

A: Yes, all of the newspapers in Barbados are English-language newspapers.

Q: Can I read Barbados newspapers online?

A: Yes, all of the major Barbados newspapers have an online presence, and their articles are available to read on their websites.

Q: How often are Barbados newspapers published?

A: Most Barbados newspapers are published daily, with the exception of The Bajan Reporter, which is published weekly.

Q: How can I subscribe to a Barbados newspaper?

A: To subscribe to a Barbados newspaper, you can visit the newspaper’s website and look for a subscription or membership option. Alternatively, you can contact the newspaper’s customer service department.

Q: Are there any free Barbados newspapers?

A: No, all of the Barbados newspapers require a subscription or payment to access their content online or in print.

Q: Can I submit a news story to a Barbados newspaper?

A: Yes, most Barbados newspapers have a contact or submission page on their website where you can submit news tips or story ideas.

Q: How reliable are Barbados newspapers?

A: The major Barbados newspapers are generally considered reliable sources of news and information. However, as with any news source, it’s important to read critically and verify information from multiple sources.

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