List Of Bahamas Newspapers Online (News From The Bahamas)

The Bahamas is a country within the West Indies in the Atlantic. Nassau is the biggest city and capital of this country. English is the official language of the Bahamas. Having 16 islands has made the Bahamas more beautiful. If anyone wants to spend a holiday here, there are many beautiful places to visit. The media here is much more popular. There are many newspapers and magazines in this country that publish a lot of informative news. Bahamas Newspapers are published both in print and online.

The present era is much more competitive in all sectors. So you have to be much more advanced to stay ahead. Newspaper is a medium where daily life, education, sports, business, travel, and much more can be found together. Newspapers are now available on online websites for those of us who have less time. So, online media saves time.

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Bahamas Newspapers

About Bahamas newspapers

The Bahamas has a vibrant and diverse media landscape, with a number of newspapers serving the needs of the country’s residents and visitors. The Bahamas has a long history of newspaper publishing, dating back to the early 1800s.

Currently, there are several newspapers that operate in the Bahamas. The most widely read newspapers are The Nassau Guardian, The Tribune, The Punch, and The Freeport News.

The Nassau Guardian is one of the oldest newspapers in the Bahamas, with a history dating back to 1844. It is published daily and covers a wide range of topics, including local and international news, business, sports, and entertainment. The newspaper has a reputation for being independent and objective in its reporting.

The Tribune is another popular newspaper in the Bahamas, founded in 1903. It is published daily and covers local and international news, business, sports, and entertainment. The newspaper has a strong editorial voice and has been recognized for its investigative reporting.

The Punch is a weekly newspaper that focuses on local news, politics, and culture. It is known for its in-depth reporting and analysis of issues affecting the Bahamas.

The Freeport News is the main newspaper in Grand Bahama and covers local news, business, and sports. It is published daily and has a strong following in the region.

In addition to these newspapers, there are also several online news sources that serve the Bahamas, such as The Bahamas Press, Bahamas Local, and The Eleutheran. These sources provide up-to-date news and information to residents and visitors alike.

Overall, the Bahamas has a diverse and dynamic media landscape, with a range of newspapers and online sources providing news and information to the country’s residents and visitors.

Bahamas newspapers and news sites

Now I am going to share daily newspapers and news sites in the Bahamas. Almost all of the Bahamas newspapers are published in the English language.

Freeport News – Freeport news is a leading newspaper in Grand Bahamas. It was established in 1961. The newspaper features news, local business, sports, health & wellness, religion, and tourism.

Bahama Journal – Bahama Journal is a daily newspaper in the Bahamas.  The journal published very informative news both in print & online. It covers national news, art & entertainment, religion, health, and business. This website has different options for advertising.

Nassau Guardian – The Nassau Guardian is a daily newspaper in the Bahamas. It was founded on 23 November 1844. Edwin Charles Moseley is the founder of this largest newspaper in the Bahamas. The present owner of this paper is The Nassau Guardian, LLC (Emanuel Alexiou and Anthony Ferguson). The headquarters are located in Nassau. The paper contains articles about lifestyle, business, sports, religion, health, sports, and more.

Abaconian (Marsh Harbour) – The Abaconian is a daily newspaper that was founded in 1993. The island of Abacus and its case to distribute their publication freely. The paper covers business, sports, art & entertainment, lifestyle, local news, and religion.

Bahamas Uncensored – Bahamas Uncensored is a weekly newspaper in the Bahamas. It was established in 1998. But in a very short time, this paper has gained a reputation. Mainly it published national news of Bahamas. Besides, it covers politics, business, current affairs, and the economy.

Tribune (Nassau) – Tribune is a local newspaper of the Bahamas. This newspaper publishes articles about the topic of news, sports, business, lifestyle, weather, and more. – Bahamas News – is the most popular website in the Bahamas. This website has been providing their services with a very good reputation for almost 20 years  On this website, anyone can easily get all kinds of news. This website features business, news of all Bahamas island, education, health & fitness, entertainment, environment, travel, e-commerce, and art. The website also gives a variety of online services.

Punch – Punch is the biggest-selling newspaper in the Bahamas. It was established in 1971. The newspaper covers politics, sports, entertainment, business, health, metro plus, and more.

Eleutheran – Eleutheran is a daily newspaper in the Bahamas. This newspaper is under SMG Publications. SMG Group publishes the Eleutheran newspaper, Eleutheran news online, and the Eleutheran magazine. All sites are popular in the Bahamas. It covers national news, education, Eleutheran news, and education.

Bahamas Press – Bahamas Press is an online source of news in the Bahamas. It provides local & international news, the latest breaking news, and also videos with news from the source. Besides, this site covers sports, health, culture, and more.

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Now time to move on to daily newspapers. All newspapers are provided below. If you want to know the daily update of Bahamas then these are perfect way to know.

All of the Bahamas Newspapers are presented here for reading online and print also. If you have know more name of them then let us know via the comment section.


Q: What are the major newspapers in the Bahamas?

A: The major newspapers in the Bahamas are The Nassau Guardian, The Tribune, The Freeport News, and The Punch.

Q: What is the frequency of publication for these newspapers?

A: The Nassau Guardian, The Tribune, and The Punch are daily newspapers, while The Freeport News is published twice weekly.

Q: Are these newspapers available online?

A: Yes, all of these newspapers have online versions of their publications.

Q: Do these newspapers cover only local news or do they cover international news as well?

A: These newspapers cover both local and international news.

Q: Are these newspapers in English or are they published in other languages?

A: These newspapers are published in English.

Q: Can I subscribe to these newspapers if I am not in the Bahamas?

A: Yes, you can subscribe to these newspapers online, regardless of your location.

Q: Is there a difference between the print and online versions of these newspapers?

A: The content is generally the same, but there may be some differences in layout and the inclusion of multimedia content in the online version.

Q: Are these newspapers biased towards any political party or ideology?

A: While there may be some perceived bias towards a particular political party or ideology, these newspapers generally strive for impartiality and balanced reporting.

Q: How do I submit a letter to the editor of one of these newspapers?

A: The process for submitting a letter to the editor may vary for each newspaper, but generally, you can find information on their website about how to submit a letter to the editor or contact the newspaper directly for instructions.

Q: Can I advertise in these newspapers?

A: Yes, you can advertise in these newspapers. You can find information about advertising rates and how to place an ad on their respective websites or by contacting the newspaper directly.

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