Azerbaijan Newspapers Online & Latest News (Update List)

Azerbaijan Newspapers Online & Latest News (Update List)

Newspapers play a very essential role in our lives. Each of us should read a newspaper regularly. In this way, we can do regular research in the country and abroad. And now with the availability of print as well as online copies, it has become easier to read the news. Our website is designed for all those news lovers. Our website is regularly described with detailed links to news from different countries. If you read today’s post, you will know the details of Azerbaijan Newspapers. Azerbaijani newspapers can be divided into more serious-minded newspapers. Commonly referred to as broadsheets due to their big size, and sometimes collectively known as “standard press”.

Azerbaijan is bounded by the Caspian Sea, the former Soviet republic, and the Caucasus Mountains, which extend across Europe and Asia. Baku is the capital of this nation and is famous for its medieval walled inner city. The earliest evidence of human settlement in the Azerbaijan region is towards the end of the Stone Age and it is related to the Guruchai culture of the Azaikh caves. 3500 newspapers are being published in Azerbaijan. Most of them are published in Azerbaijani. The remaining 130 are published in English, Russian, and other languages. Below is a description of some of the notable newspapers here. And the rest have been added with links.

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Azerbaijan Newspapers

List Of Azerbaijan Newspapers

Azer News

Azer News is a weekly newspaper in Azerbaijan. Normally, Azer News prints in English language and broadsheet format. It became the first newspaper in Azerbaijan to join News Publishers and the World Association of Newspapers. It features news such as business, world, lifestyle, culture, sports, travel, and education.

Bakinskiy Rabochiy (Baku Worker)

Bakinskiy Rabochiy (Baku Worker) is a popular Russian-language newspaper. It is very popular for its authentic and honest news.

525ci Gazet

525ci Gazet is a daily socio-political newspaper. It was established on 17 November 1992 by Company “525”. The circulation of this paper is 3500. Rashad Majid is the chief editor of this paper. The price per copy is 40 cents. This paper is the co-founder of the Baku Press Club. It prints in A3 format and English language. It covers Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and South American news.


Sherq is a leading newspaper in Azerbaijan. It publishes in the Spanish language. It covers news such as education, politics, sports, business, current updates, and more.

Azadlıq qəzeti

Azadlıq qəzeti is an A3 format Azerbaijan language newspaper. Mainly, it is a daily socio-political types newspaper. It was started its journey on 24 December 1889 as a weekly by the staff of the newspaper. Ganimat Zahid is the chief editor of the paper.

Xalg Gazeti

Xalg Gazeti publishes in Azarbaijan, English, and Russian language. It is one of the best-selling newspapers in Azerbaijan. It features politics, economy, society, culture, and more.

Yeni Musavat

Yeni Musavat was first launched on 7 November 1989 by Rauf Arifoğlu. Azer Aykhan is the chief editor and Nazim Sabiroğlu is the editor of this paper. The circulation number of this paper is 11200. The price of each copy of this newspaper is 40 cents.

Zerkalo (Зеркало)‎

Azerbaijan News And News Sites

If you read this post completely, you will know the details of Azerbaijan Newspapers. In addition to the description, there is a link here where you can read the news directly by clicking.

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