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If you are asked, what do you start the day with? Newspapers will be the answer for most people. We have seen the habit of adults reading this newspaper for ages. With the passage of time, the habit of reading this newspaper has developed in almost everyone, big or small. As the days go by people are getting busier with lots of works. That is why besides printing, newspapers also have online websites where news can be read online. In other words, the importance of newspapers in our daily life is immense. So, our website is sorted with newspapers of all countries where detailed descriptions and links are given. From today’s post, you can know the details of Aruba Newspapers.

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Aruba Newspapers

About Aruba Newspapers

Aruba is a small Caribbean island located off the coast of Venezuela. The island is known for its beautiful beaches, clear blue waters, and warm, tropical climate. As a popular tourist destination, Aruba has several newspapers that provide local news, information, and insights into the island’s culture and lifestyle.

The primary newspaper in Aruba is “Diario.” It is a daily newspaper that has been in circulation since 1942. Diario covers local news, politics, sports, entertainment, and other topics of interest to Arubans. It is the most widely read newspaper on the island and has a strong online presence as well.

Another popular newspaper in Aruba is “Amigoe.” It is also a daily newspaper that has been in circulation since 1884. Amigoe covers local news, politics, business, sports, and other topics relevant to Aruban readers. It has a strong reputation for its in-depth reporting and analysis of current events in the country.

“Bon Dia” is another daily newspaper in Aruba that has been in circulation since 1961. It covers local news, sports, business, and entertainment, and is particularly popular among the island’s Dutch-speaking population. Bon Dia also has a significant online presence and provides up-to-date news and information to its readers.

In addition to these daily newspapers, there are several weekly publications in Aruba that provide a more in-depth look at specific topics of interest. “Aruba Today” is a popular weekly newspaper that covers tourism, entertainment, and lifestyle topics. “Visions Magazine” focuses on the island’s business community and provides insights into the local economy.

Overall, Aruba’s newspapers play an essential role in providing news, information, and insights to the island’s population. Whether it is local news, sports, business, or entertainment, Aruba’s newspapers offer a comprehensive view of life on the island, and are an essential resource for residents and visitors alike.

List Of Aruba Newspapers

Many newspapers and magazines are regularly published in Aruba. Where you will find all the true and accurate information about the country and abroad. It is not possible to describe all the newspapers in one post. That is why some of the major and significant newspapers of this country are described in detail.

Diario Online

Diario Online always publishes in the Papiamento language. It is a leading newspaper in Aruba. This newspaper always publishes authentic news such as politics, education, the economy, sports, and more.

Aruba Press & Media

Aruba Press & Media is the Management Organization and Destination Marketing. It was published in Oranjestad in Aruba. It publishes all content in the Dutch language. It contains articles about local sports, entertainment, health, business, art, religion, and more.


Amigoe is a daily newspaper in Aruba. The paper was founded in December 1883 by the Dominican Order under the name Amigoe di Curaçao. It started circulating in 1884 in Aruba. The edition was weekly until 1935 when it began to be published twice a week. It became a daily newspaper issued by the Catholic Church in 1941. The online edition of the newspaper was established on 8 January 1998. Catholic Church is the present proprietor of this paper. It prints all news in the Dutch language.

Aruba Native

Aruba Native is a leading newspaper in Aruba. It is famous for printing accurate and authentic news from the beginning. Many of its circulations are regularly printed. However, anyone can read online news from its official page.


Aruba.Com is the official travel site of the Aruba Tourism Authority. Those who are interested in traveling to Aruba will find much-needed information from this site. They provide all the necessary facilities for travel. They have many categories from which you can choose the one you need.

Solo di Pueblo

Solo di Pueblo is a very popular entertainment newspaper. It also provides current updates of locals and others. Those who prefer the entertainment sector will get a lot of news from here together.

Aruba news sites, and magazines

Read this post to know more about Aruba Newspapers and its news site. For those who want to read the news directly from the link, the official link of each site has been added.


Q: What are the most popular newspapers in Aruba?

A: Some of the most popular newspapers in Aruba include Diario, Bon Dia, and Awe Mainta.

Q: Can I access Aruba newspapers online?

A: Yes, many Aruba newspapers have an online presence, and you can access them through their websites or social media pages.

Q: Are Aruba newspapers published in English or Dutch?

A: Aruba newspapers are typically published in either Papiamento, a creole language spoken in the Dutch Caribbean, or Dutch, which is the official language of Aruba.

Q: What kind of content do Aruba newspapers cover?

A: Aruba newspapers cover a range of topics, including local news, politics, sports, entertainment, and business.

Q: How often are Aruba newspapers published?

A: Most Aruba newspapers are published on a daily basis, with some publishing multiple editions throughout the day.

Q: Can I subscribe to Aruba newspapers if I live outside of Aruba?

A: Yes, many Aruba newspapers offer online subscription services that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Q: Are Aruba newspapers available in print?

A: Yes, most Aruba newspapers are available in print, and can be purchased at newsstands and convenience stores throughout the island.

Q: Can I submit a letter to the editor of an Aruba newspaper?

A: Yes, many Aruba newspapers welcome letters to the editor from readers. Contact the newspaper directly to find out how to submit your letter.

Q: Are Aruba newspapers free to read online?

A: Some Aruba newspapers offer free online access to their content, while others require a subscription or payment to access certain articles or features.

Q: Can I advertise in an Aruba newspaper?

A: Yes, most Aruba newspapers offer advertising space to businesses and individuals. Contact the newspaper directly to find out about advertising rates and options.

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