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The Suriname newspapers is an important part of the culture and history of the country. It is a medium for people to stay up to date with what is happening in their country.

It also serves as a way to educate people about the history of their country and its culture, as well as being a means for spreading news and events.

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Top 10 Suriname Newspapers

Let’s know about the best 10 Suriname Newspaper that leads to publishing the latest news, breaking, cultural, sports, political, local even international news every moment.

De Ware Tijd

De Ware Tijd is a Surinamese newspaper and is the country’s oldest newspaper. It is founded by Albert Helman in 1986. It was the first Surinamese daily newspaper, and it became the voice of the Afro-Surinamese people and their emancipation movement.

De Ware Tijd is published in Dutch, Sranantongo, English and French.

Star Nieuws

The Star Nieuws is a Dutch-language daily newspaper published in Paramaribo, Suriname. It was founded in 1947 by the Dutch company NV de Surinaamsche Courant.

The Newspaper publishes articles on politics, international news, sports, local news, and other topics. They also publish a weekly magazine called “Nieuwsweekend” which has reports from the last seven days.

The newspaper is one of the most popular newspapers in Suriname. The newspaper has about 20 pages and publishes about 10-12 articles per day with national and international news.


The Waterkant is a Surinamese newspaper that publishes both international and local news. It also covers sports news.

The paper is a Surinamese newspaper that publishes both international and local news. They cover the most recent breaking news, as well as more in-depth stories about political issues, society, and the economy. Waterkant also provides coverage of sports events in Suriname and abroad.

GFC Nieuws‎

The GFC is the most popular news website in Suriname.

It is a major news website in Suriname. It has been the most popular news website in Suriname for years. GFC Nieuws offers breaking news, local and international news, sports news, and more.

Suriname Herald

Suriname Herald is a Surinamese newspaper that publishes daily. It was founded in 1864 and is the oldest newspaper in the country.

It was published (digital version) in 2012 and is the oldest newspaper in the country. The paper has a circulation of about 10,000 copies per day, which makes it one of the most read newspapers in Suriname.

The paper also has one of the widest distribution networks, with more than 100 agents throughout all ten regions of Suriname.

SR Nieuws

The SR Nieuws is the most popular news channel in Suriname.

The paper is the most popular news channel in Suriname. It was established in 1888 and has been broadcasting ever since. With its headquarters in Paramaribo, SR Nieuws has a great reputation for accuracy and speed of reporting.

Radio Apintie

Radio Apintie is a Suriname-based newspaper that publishes breaking news and international news.

The Radio Apintie was founded in 1988 by the former president of Suriname, Dési Bouterse. The paper has been the leading source of information in Suriname for decades.

Times of Suriname

The Times of Suriname is the leading English-language daily newspaper in Suriname. It is published every day, excluding Sundays and public holidays. The Times of Suriname was founded in 1864 by John de Veer, a Dutchman who migrated to Suriname from the Netherlands.

It is one of two newspapers in Suriname with nationwide circulation, and its Sunday edition is the only full-color national newspaper in Suriname.

Dagblad Suriname (Facebook page)

Dagblad Suriname is a well-known newspaper in the country of Suriname. It was founded in 1887, and it has been providing news ever since. The newspaper covers international news, local news, and sports news from all over the world.

Algemene Televisie Verzorging (ATV)

The Surinamese media landscape is rather diverse. There are many newspapers and TV channels that cover different topics. The most popular ATV channel is NPS (Nieuws en Persberichten Stations). It broadcasts news in Dutch and Sranan Tongo, which is an indigenous language spoken by about 60% of the population.

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