Philippine Newspapers Online & Latest News (Update List)

The Philippines is a country with many different languages and cultures, but one thing remains the same – the need for local news. With over 7,000 newspapers in circulation and around 100 million people, it is important to keep track of what’s happening at home. To know all Philippine Newspapers, check the list of papers.

It has a lot of national and international news media as well as a number of online publications that cater to niche audiences. The country also has many local newspapers that serve their communities.

The Philippine National Press Club is an organization that aims to provide an avenue for journalists in the country to share their stories with other members of the press.

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About Philippine Newspapers

Philippine newspapers play an important role in the dissemination of news and information in the country. They provide a wide range of information, from breaking news to in-depth analysis and commentary on current events. There are several newspapers in the Philippines that cater to different segments of the population, from national newspapers to regional and local publications.

One of the most widely read national newspapers in the Philippines is the Philippine Daily Inquirer. It was founded in 1985 and has since become known for its investigative reporting, editorial opinion, and in-depth coverage of national news. The Inquirer has won numerous awards for its journalism, including the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting in 2018, and is known for its coverage of political scandals and corruption cases.

Another national newspaper is the Manila Bulletin, which has been in circulation since 1900. It is the oldest English-language newspaper in the country and has a reputation for providing balanced and objective reporting. The Manila Bulletin has a broad readership across the country and covers a wide range of topics, from politics and business to sports and entertainment.

Top 10 Philippine Newspapers

Check out the top newspaper list of Philippine.

Philippine Daily Inquirer

The Philippine Daily Inquirer is one of the top newspapers in the country. It has been in circulation since 1985 and is still owned by its founding family. It was started by a group of journalists who wanted to create an independent newspaper that would be free from influence of politicians and businesses.

The paper has been described as “the most credible newspaper” in the Philippines for its investigative journalism and balanced reporting.

It has a wide range of topics from sports, local, and international news to breaking news. In addition, it also covers pop culture, entertainment, lifestyle features, opinion pieces, business news, health supplements and more.

Manila Bulletin (MB)

Manila Bulletin is the largest circulating newspaper in the Philippines. It has been in operation since 1900 and it is currently being published by the Manila Chronicle Foundation, Inc.

This paper is a daily broadsheet newspaper with an editorial page that covers local news, national news, international news and sports. MB also publishes a weekly tabloid called The Sunday Mirror which focuses on entertainment, lifestyle and culture.

Philippine Star

The Philippine Star is a daily broadsheet newspaper published in the Philippines. It is the oldest existing newspaper in the country and also one of the most widely circulated newspapers in Asia.

The Philippine Star, which was founded on 28 July, 1986, has been called “the country’s most influential newspaper”. The Philippine Star is known for its investigative journalism, particularly during martial law under Ferdinand Marcos.


Abante is a Philippine-based online news portal that provides news for the general public. With its website, Abante News, it has become one of the top sources of news in the country.

This newspaper is one of the most popular online news websites in the Philippines. It was established in 1987 and has since grown to be one of the top sources for local and international news. It provides a wide range of content such as sports, local and international news, breaking news, entertainment and lifestyle updates.

Abante Tonite

Abante Tonite is a news aggregator that provides the latest headlines from Philippine newspapers. It also generates breaking news and sports stories for the users.

The paper is an online service that provides the latest news from Philippine newspapers. It also generates breaking news and sports stories for its users. The service offers local, international, and trending topics to their users.

Sun Star

Sun Star is one of the largest newspapers in the Philippines. It has a circulation of 1.5 million readers and publishes 3 editions every day.

The paper is an important part of Philippine media industry and provides news for both local and international audience.

The Sun Star is also one of the most popular news sources in the Philippines because it offers a wide range of topics from sports to international news, local news, business, lifestyle, entertainment, and more.

Manila Times

The Manila Times is a daily newspaper published in the Philippines.

This paper has been the top news source for the Philippines for decades. It is a daily newspaper that provides local and international news, sports, and features on top of its main focus, which is breaking news. The newspaper was founded in 1921 and has been published continuously since then.

The publisher of The Manila Times is MediaQuest Holdings Inc., which also owns other newspapers like The Philippine Star and The Philippine Inquirer.


BusinessWorld is the most trusted source of business news in the Philippines. It has been serving its readers since 1967, and it still remains as the top business newspaper in the country.

The popular news portal is a daily newspaper that covers all aspects of business, including financial news, sports, local and international news. Its content is also available on their website and mobile app.

Business Mirror

The Business Mirror is a daily newspaper published in the Philippines. It provides news and information on business, sports, local, and international events.

This newspaper was founded by the late publisher Jose Campos Sr. in 2005. It was initially published as a tabloid-sized paper but has since expanded to a broadsheet format with its current print run of 50,000 copies per day.

The Business Mirror is currently owned by the Philippine Daily Inquirer Group which also publishes The Philippine Inquirer, The Philippine Star and The Manila Times.


The Tribune is a newspaper from the Philippines that has been in operation since 1881. It is the oldest existing English-language newspaper in Asia and one of the oldest existing newspapers in the world.

The paper was founded by American missionaries who were sent to the Philippines by their church. There are two versions of this paper, one which is published daily and another which publishes a weekly edition on Fridays.

The Tribune provides both local and international news on a daily basis, covering everything from politics to sports.

Philippine Newspapers And News Sites


Q: What are some major newspapers in the Philippines?

A: Some major newspapers in the Philippines include the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Bulletin, Philippine Star, Business Mirror, and The Manila Times.

Q: Can I read these newspapers online?

A: Yes, most major Philippine newspapers have online versions that you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.

Q: Are there newspapers in regional languages?

A: Yes, there are newspapers in regional languages such as Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano, and Bicolano. Some examples include Abante (Tagalog), SunStar Cebu (Cebuano), and Bicol Mail (Bicolano).

Q: Are there free newspapers in the Philippines?

A: Yes, there are free newspapers in the Philippines such as the Daily Tribune, Malaya, and Manila Standard Today.

Q: Can I subscribe to these newspapers for home delivery?

A: Yes, most newspapers offer home delivery subscription services. You can check their respective websites or contact their customer service for more information.

Q: Can I contribute articles or news stories to these newspapers?

A: Yes, you can submit articles or news stories to these newspapers. However, it is best to contact their editorial departments first to inquire about their submission guidelines and policies.

Q: Can I advertise in these newspapers?

A: Yes, most newspapers offer advertising opportunities. You can contact their advertising departments for more information on rates and requirements.

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