Namibia Newspapers Online & Latest News (Update List)

The Namibia newspapers are publications that cover local, sports, and international news. The paper was founded in 1828 and is still being managed by the same family that founded it.

Namibia has been a stable democracy since 1990. The country has been through many wars and several periods of political instability. Despite this, the country has managed to remain a stable democracy and remains one of the most successful countries in Africa.

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About Namibia Newspapers

Namibia is a country located in southern Africa, with a population of approximately 2.5 million people. The country has a diverse media landscape, with several newspapers providing news and information to the public.

One of the most widely circulated newspapers in Namibia is The Namibian, which was founded in 1985 and is based in Windhoek, the capital city. The Namibian is known for its in-depth reporting on political and social issues in Namibia, and it has a reputation for being independent and unbiased. The newspaper is published daily, with both print and online versions available.

Another popular newspaper in Namibia is New Era, which was established in 1991 as the official government newspaper. Today, New Era is a privately owned newspaper that covers a wide range of topics, including politics, business, and sports. New Era is published daily, with both print and online versions available.

Namibian Sun is another popular newspaper in Namibia, which was launched in 2007. Namibian Sun covers local news, business, and sports, and it is known for its concise and easy-to-read articles. The newspaper is published daily, with both print and online versions available.

Other newspapers in Namibia include the Windhoek Observer, which covers political and social issues in Namibia and the wider African continent, and the Confidente, which focuses on investigative journalism and breaking news.

In addition to newspapers, Namibia has a number of radio and television stations that provide news and information to the public. These include the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), which is the state-owned broadcaster, and several privately owned stations, including Radio Energy, Radiowave, and NBC Radio.

Overall, Namibia has a vibrant media landscape that provides diverse viewpoints and information to the public. While there have been some concerns about government interference in the media, Namibia is generally considered to have a free and independent press.

Top 10 Namibia Newspapers

Some important newspapers, magazines, and news sites of Namibia are given below. All are well-known in this country.

Namibian is a local news website in Namibia that provides breaking news and international news.

It is a website that provides breaking news and international news to the people of Namibia and beyond, with an emphasis on local content. The website was founded by a team of journalists, who wanted to provide high-quality local news to the people of their country.

The site has been growing rapidly since its inception in August 30, 1985, and it has become one of the most visited websites in Namibia.

New Era

The New Era is a newspaper in Namibia. They are one of the most popular newspapers in Africa and have been since they were founded in 1992. In recent years, the New Era has seen a significant change with the rise of digital media.

The New Era has embraced digital technology to transform their business and reach more readers. They have also made use of AI writing assistants to help them generate content at scale.

It is one of the first newspapers to use AI writing assistants and it has helped them create more relevant content for their readers, as well as generate new revenue streams from advertising campaigns.

Allgemeine Zeitung (AZ)

The Allgemeine Zeitung (AZ) is a daily newspaper published in Namibia. The paper is owned by the Namibian government and has been published since 1916.

The AZ is one of the few newspapers that covers both local and international news. It was first published in German but switched to English in 1945. The newspaper’s website also features a digital edition that includes breaking news, sports, and local news from different parts of Namibia.

Die Republikein

Die Republikein is the largest newspaper in Namibia. It was established in December 1977, and it is published every day. The paper covers local and international news, sports, and business.

The Die Republikein has been a source of reliable information for Namibians for over 50 years. It has also changed the way people consume news in the country by introducing a new format that includes breaking news from Namibia as well as international news from around the world.

Namibia Economist

The Namibia Economist is a local newspaper that is published in English, Afrikaans, and Oshiwambo. It is based in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia.

The NE has been published since February 1991 and it has been an important source of news for the country. The paper covers topics such as politics, business, sports, international news and local news. Its website also features a variety of information on Namibia’s economy and society.

Namibian Sun

The Namibian Sun is a local newspaper that has been in operation since 2007and is the oldest newspaper in Namibia. It is published by the Namibian Media Corporation and its headquarters are in Windhoek.

NS has become a leading source of news for the country. In addition to publishing local and international news, the paper also covers sports and local happenings.


Informante is a news aggregator that delivers the latest news from across the world to Namibians. It has an algorithm that filters local and international news and provides users with the top stories of their country or region, as well as breaking news.

The paper was created in order to provide local and international news to Namibians, who are not always aware of what is happening in their country or region. It also helps them keep up with what is happening in other countries.

Windhoek Observer

The Windhoek Observer is the leading newspaper in Namibia, with a print circulation of over 22,000. The publication has been in existence since 1978.

The WO is one of Namibia’s leading newspapers. It was founded in 1978. Its current editor-in-chief is Elsje van der Westhuizen and it has been published continuously since then.

Caprivi Vision

Caprivi Vision is a newspaper in Namibia. It has been in print since 21 August 2000. The paper is published daily, and it also has an online version.

The paper is a local and international news source that covers the top news, breaking news, sports, local and international news.

Namib Times

Namibia’s national newspaper, the Namib Times, provides news from around the world and in-depth coverage of Namibia.

Namib Times is a popular newspaper in Namibia. It provides a variety of local, international and sports news. The articles are written by reporters and editors who work for the newspaper.

Namibia Newspapers, Magazines, And News Sites

Here I give some daily newspapers name. All are daily and popular newspapers in this country.

All of the newspapers from Namibia.  You can read them online in a regular newspaper as a local citizen. If you have more list of this newspaper, let’s know via the comment section.


Q: What are some popular newspapers in Namibia?

A: Some popular newspapers in Namibia include The Namibian, New Era, and Namib Times.

Q: Is there a daily newspaper published in Namibia?

A: Yes, The Namibian is a daily newspaper published in Namibia.

Q: Are there any English-language newspapers in Namibia?

A: Yes, The Namibian and New Era are both English-language newspapers published in Namibia.

Q: Are there any newspapers published in indigenous languages in Namibia?

A: Yes, there are a number of newspapers published in indigenous languages in Namibia, including the Oshiwambo-language newspaper Oshana Times and the Damara-language newspaper!Karas Times.

Q: Can I read Namibian newspapers online?

A: Yes, many Namibian newspapers have online editions that can be read for free.

Q: How can I subscribe to a Namibian newspaper?

A: Most Namibian newspapers offer subscription services that can be arranged online, over the phone, or in person.

Q: Are there any independent newspapers in Namibia?

A: Yes, The Namibian is widely regarded as an independent newspaper in Namibia.

Q: What types of news are covered by Namibian newspapers?

A: Namibian newspapers cover a wide range of news, including local and national news, sports, business, politics, entertainment, and more.

Q: Are there any government-run newspapers in Namibia?

A: No, there are no government-run newspapers in Namibia.

Q: Can I submit a letter to the editor of a Namibian newspaper?

A: Yes, most Namibian newspapers have a section for letters to the editor, and readers are welcome to submit their opinions and feedback.

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