Finnish Newspapers & Latest News (Update List)

Finnish Newspapers & Latest News (Update List)

Let’s find out about Finnish Newspapers and all its news sites from today’s post. In 1950 the number of national dailies in Finland was 64. Where in 1965 that number dropped to 56. Later in 1990, 252 newspapers were printed in the country. In 2008 that number dropped again to 197. In 2012 it was promoted to 324 titles. From these statistics, it is understood that the number of newspapers in this country is fluctuating. But declined by 10% between 2006 and 2012. If you read today’s post in its entirety, you will know what newspapers are currently published here.

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Finnish Newspapers

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Top 10 Finnish Newspapers

Helsingin Sanomat

Helsingin Sanomat is the biggest subscription of a daily newspaper in Finland. Sanoma is the owner of this compact format newspaper. It was established in 1889 as Päivälehti. It publishes in the Finnish language and Kaius Niemi is the editor. The headquarter locates in Helsinki, Finland. It had a total circulation of 339,437 copies in 2019. The paper is considered a record newspaper for Finland.


Kauppalehti is a tabloid format business newspaper. It is a trade-based newspaper published in Helsinki, Finland. Alma Media is the owner and Kustannus Oy & Kauppalehti are the publishers of this paper. Its political alignment is independent, right. It was launched in 1898 by the Finnish Businessmen’s Association. The paper covers the stock market, affiliate content, companies update, and more.


Aamulehti is a compact format daily newspaper. It was launched in 1881 by F. V. Jalander. The political alignment of this Finnish-language newspaper is neutral. The headquarters of this paper is located in Nalkala, Tampere. It had a circulation of 114,231. It covers the innovation of journalism at least once a month.

Abo Underrattelser

Abo Underrattelser is the oldest tabloid format newspaper. Originally it is published 5 times a week. Tom Simola is the chief editor of this paper. It was established in 1823 by Christian Ludvig Hjelt. But the first edition was published on January 3, 1824. Förlags AB Sydvästkusten is the current owner of this paper.

Finnish News Sites And Latest News

Finnish Newspapers always spread the news with accurate information. So you will find all the information related to the news update here in our post.

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