Dominica Newspapers Online & Latest News (Update List)

Dominica is a small island nation in the Caribbean and has no countrywide newspaper. However, it does have a lot of local newspapers that focus on different topics called Dominica newspapers.

Dominica Newspapers are among the leading news sources for Dominicans across the world. They provide not only local and international news but also sport and local and international politics. They have been able to do so because they have been able to attract readers from all over the world with their unique content

Dominica has a rich history of press freedom and journalism, with more than fifty years of independent news outlets. The country is home to some of the most prominent journalists in the region.

Dominica’s local newspapers are growing in popularity as they provide high-quality content at low prices. They also provide readers with information about what’s happening locally and internationally and also make it easy for people to access them online or through their mobile apps.

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About Dominica Newspapers

Dominica is a small island nation in the Caribbean, and its newspapers play an important role in providing information and news to its citizens. Dominica has several newspapers that serve the country’s population, and each of them has its unique style and target audience.

One of the most popular newspapers in Dominica is The Chronicle. It is a weekly newspaper that covers national and international news, politics, sports, and entertainment. The Chronicle has been in circulation for over 20 years and is known for its in-depth reporting and analysis of current events.

Another popular newspaper in Dominica is The Sun. It is a daily newspaper that covers local news, business, sports, and entertainment. The Sun has a strong focus on community news and events, and it is widely read by Dominicans across the island.

The Dominican Herald is another newspaper that serves the island. It is a weekly newspaper that covers politics, business, sports, and cultural events. The Dominican Herald is known for its investigative journalism and its coverage of social issues affecting the Dominican community.

Other newspapers in Dominica include The New Chronicle, The Informer, and The Dominica News Online. These newspapers cover a range of topics and are popular with different segments of the population.

In addition to print newspapers, Dominica also has several online news sources, including Dominica News Online and Dominica Vibes. These websites provide up-to-date news and information to Dominicans both at home and abroad.

Overall, Dominica’s newspapers play an essential role in providing information and news to its citizens. Whether in print or online, these newspapers keep Dominicans informed and engaged with the world around them.

Dominica Newspapers And News Sites

Now we’re going to see the top 10 Dominica Newspapers newspapers and other popular news sites in Dominica. They cover the most popular, updated, local and international news every moment.

The Dominica News Online

Dominica News Online is a local news platform that provides people with the latest news in Dominica. It is a digital platform that offers a variety of content such as videos, articles, and podcasts.

The website started in 2010 and has been providing quality content ever since. The company has been growing steadily over the years to meet the needs of their readership and provide them with an engaging experience.

Dominica Weekly

Dominica Weekly is a news website that covers local and international news in the Caribbean. It has been providing information to its readers since 2009.

The paper is a newspaper that provides information to its readers on local and international news in the Caribbean. It has been providing information to its readers since 2009.


The DBS online edition has been in operation for over two decades now. It was founded in 1993 by Dominicans of British descent who wanted to provide their fellow countrymen with quality news coverage. The DBS online edition is one of the few sources of reliable news on the island, as it provides accurate information on current happenings, both locally and internationally,

DA Vibes

Dominica’s newspapers are on the verge of extinction and Dominica News Online is trying to keep them alive by providing free news and information to the people.

DA Vibes is an online news platform that provides daily local and international news from across the globe in order to keep Dominicans informed about what’s going on in their country and abroad.

Sun Dominica 

Sun is the Dominica’s leading daily newspaper and one of the few local newspapers in the Caribbean.

The paper that was established in 1978. It has been published since then and has been a pillar of the media landscape in Dominica since its inception. Its headquarters are located at Roseau, Dominica.

The paper covers local news, international news, sports, and business news on a daily basis. It also publishes weekly supplements: The Sunday Edition which includes features and reviews on arts, entertainment and lifestyle as well as The Saturday Magazine which includes social trends, cul,tural events and fashion trends.

Sun is distributed free of charge to homes throughout Dominica with an estimated circulation of 10,000 copies each day.

Kairi FM

The Kairi FM is a digital radio station that covers the latest local and international news. The station’s goal is to provide the most relevant and accurate information to its listeners.

The newspaper provides an alternative news source for Dominicans who are deprived of access to other sources such as mainstream media and online news providers like Google News or BBC News.

EMO News

Emo News is a newspaper that is published online every day. It’s a website that is owned by the Dominica Newspapers which operates in the country of Dominica.

The site was launched in November 2017 and has since been on the fast track to becoming one of the most visited websites in Dominica. The site has an impressive reach with over 10,000 visitors per day and it’s ever-expanding content range.

EMO News is a free newspaper that provides information about news and events happening on the island of Dominica as well as international news stories.

The Dominican

The Dominican is an online newspaper that provides coverage on local and international news. It was founded in 2000 by the late Dr. Tony Mabrey and is owned by the Mabrey Foundation.

The paper has a goal of providing information to the public at large, but also to provide a platform for local opinion leaders to express their views on various topics.

Virtual Dominica

Virtual Dominica is a new platform that aims to provide users with an online news platform that is free of charge. The platform has been developed by the Dominica News Agency, which was established in 2005 and publishes local and international news.

Discover Dominica

Discover Dominica is an online news publication that provides a daily dose of local and international news, politics, sport, and entertainment. The website was founded in 2008 by two Dominicans who wanted to provide their people with quality news.

The paper has made significant contributions to the country’s development through its reporting on social issues such as poverty, education, health care, unemployment and crime.


Q: What are the main newspapers in Dominica?

A: The main newspapers in Dominica are The Chronicle, The Sun, and The Times.

Q: Are there any online newspapers available in Dominica?

A: Yes, all of the major newspapers in Dominica have online versions that are accessible to readers.

Q: How often are Dominica newspapers published?

A: Dominica newspapers are typically published on a weekly basis, although some may be published daily or bi-weekly.

Q: What types of news do Dominica newspapers cover?

A: Dominica newspapers cover a variety of news topics, including local news, national news, sports, entertainment, and world news.

Q: Can I submit a news story or article to a Dominica newspaper?

A: Yes, most Dominica newspapers accept submissions from the public. You can contact the newspaper directly for information on their submission process.

Q: Are Dominica newspapers available in languages other than English?

A: No, English is the primary language used in Dominica newspapers.

Q: How can I access Dominica’s newspapers outside of Dominica?

A: Most Dominica newspapers have online versions that can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Q: Are there any free Dominica newspapers available?

A: No, all of the major newspapers in Dominica require a subscription or purchase to access their content.

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