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In today’s post, we have described the top newspapers with links to Canadian Newspapers. Canada is a country in North America that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. It is the second-biggest country in the world in terms of total area.  The eroded plateau of ancient rock in North America is called the Canadian Shield. This huge ‘V’ shaped region is the largest of the 11 Shield regions in northern Canada.

The lion’s share of Canada’s economy is made up of industries like other developed countries. Wood and mineral oil are Canada’s two main heavy industries. The automotive industry is one of the leading manufacturing industries in southern Ontario. The print media here is very developed and popular all over the world. You can see all the print media here online from any part of the world.

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Canadian Newspapers

About Canadian Newspapers

Canada is home to a diverse and vibrant newspaper industry that plays a crucial role in providing Canadians with news and information about their communities, country, and the world. The country has a long history of newspaper publishing, with the first Canadian newspaper, the Halifax Gazette, established in 1752.

Today, there are numerous daily and weekly newspapers published in Canada, ranging from national newspapers to local community papers. Some of the most well-known Canadian newspapers include The Globe and Mail, the National Post, the Toronto Star, the Montreal Gazette, and the Vancouver Sun.

The Globe and Mail, based in Toronto, is Canada’s national newspaper and is often considered the country’s paper of record. It has a daily circulation of over 250,000 and is known for its in-depth reporting and analysis of national and international news, business, and politics.

The National Post, also based in Toronto, was founded in 1998 and has a daily circulation of around 100,000. It is known for its conservative editorial stance and its coverage of business and finance news.

The Toronto Star, another Toronto-based newspaper, is the largest daily newspaper in Canada with a daily circulation of over 200,000. It is known for its investigative journalism, progressive editorial stance, and coverage of local news and events.

The Montreal Gazette, based in Montreal, is the oldest daily newspaper in Canada, having been established in 1778. It has a daily circulation of around 60,000 and is known for its coverage of local news, arts, and culture.

The Vancouver Sun, based in Vancouver, is one of the largest daily newspapers in Western Canada with a daily circulation of around 100,000. It is known for its coverage of local news, business, and politics, as well as its editorial stance that leans towards the political center.

In addition to these major newspapers, there are many other newspapers published in Canada that serve a wide variety of communities and interests. These include community newspapers, ethnic newspapers, and papers that focus on specific topics such as sports, entertainment, or finance.

Overall, Canadian newspapers continue to play a vital role in keeping Canadians informed and engaged with the world around them. With their diverse perspectives and in-depth reporting, they help to ensure that Canadians have access to the information they need to make informed decisions and participate fully in their communities and society as a whole.

Top 10 Canadian Newspapers

The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail is a national newspaper in Toronto. This daily morning newspaper publishes in broadsheet format. It was established in 1844. The Woodbridge Company is the current owner of this paper. Philip Crowley is the publisher and David Walmsley is the editor of this newspaper. Its political ideology is moderate economic liberalism. Its daily circulation number is 291,571 and Saturday circulation is 354,650.

The Toronto Star

The Toronto Star is the top circulation newspaper in Canada. It is a broadsheet daily newspaper. Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd. is the proprietor of this paper. Jordan Bitove is the publisher and Anne Marie Owens is the editor of this paper. Its political coordination is social liberalism. It features different types of news such as local, politics, sports, entertainment, business, and more.

National Post

National Post is an English-language newspaper. Postmedia Network Inc. is the present owner of this paper. It was established in 1998 by Conrad Black. Rob Roberts is the chief editor and Julie Traves is the associate editor of this paper. Its Tue–Fri circulation is 142,509 and Saturday circulation is 132,116.

Toronto Sun

Toronto Sun is a tabloid format newspaper. It was first launched on 1 November 1971. The political alignment of this newspaper is conservative. Postmedia is the current owner and Adrienne Batra is the chief editor of this paper. Its weekday circulation is 119,048, Saturdays 111,515, and Sundays 142,376.

Financial Post

Financial Post is a business newspaper in Canada. The foundation time of this paper is 1907 by John Bayne Maclean as weekly. Normally, it publishes all articles in the English language. The paper covers finance, economy, business, and national.

Vancouver Sun

The first issue date of Vancouver Sun is 12 February 1912. Postmedia Network Inc. is the present owner of this paper. The paper features six days a week, Monday to Saturday. Harold Munro is the chief editor of this paper. It is still the biggest newsroom of any newspaper in western Canada.

Montreal Gazette

Montreal Gazette is the only English newspaper that featured Montreal, Quebec. It was established on 3 June 1778 by Fleury Mesplet. Its political alignment is Canadian federalism, conservatism. Postmedia Network is the proprietor of this paper.

Calgary Herald

Postmedia Network is the owner of the Calgary Herald newspaper. It was started its journey on 13 August 1883. Edmonton Journal is the Sister newspaper of this paper. Lorne Motley is the editor of this paper. Its weekday circulation is 107,954 and Saturday is 101,725.

Canadian Newspapers By Province

This article will help you to know about Canadian Newspapers and read online news directly from its website. Also, here you will find a detailed description of the top Canadian newspapers.


Q: What are some of the major Canadian newspapers?

A: Some of the major Canadian newspapers include The Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Star, Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun, and Calgary Herald.

Q: What type of content can I expect to find in Canadian newspapers?

A: Canadian newspapers cover a wide range of topics including national and international news, business, politics, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and more.

Q: Can I access Canadian newspapers online?

A: Yes, most Canadian newspapers have an online presence where you can access their content. Some newspapers have a paywall, which means you may need to subscribe or pay a fee to access their articles.

Q: How often are Canadian newspapers published?

A: Most Canadian newspapers are published daily, while some are published on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Q: Are there any French-language Canadian newspapers?

A: Yes, there are several French-language Canadian newspapers, including Le Devoir, La Presse, Le Journal de Montréal, and Le Droit.

Q: Can I read Canadian newspapers outside of Canada?

A: Yes, many Canadian newspapers have international editions or online versions that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Q: How do I submit a news tip or story idea to a Canadian newspaper?

A: You can usually find information on how to submit a news tip or story idea on the newspaper’s website. Alternatively, you can contact the newspaper’s newsroom or editor directly.

Q: How can I get a job at a Canadian newspaper?

A: Most Canadian newspapers have a careers or job opportunities section on their website where you can search for open positions and submit your resume and application. You can also network with journalists and editors in the industry to learn about potential job openings.

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