Afghanistan Newspapers and Afghan News Sites List

Afghanistan is one of the known countries in the Asia continent. It is bigger than 6 times Bangladesh. It’s always a news release county for their political and trouble activities. Today I will provide you the latest and all kinds of Afghanistan Newspapers for the users to read them online.

A list of Afghan newspapers is the source of authentic news from the site. There are many news media in the world publishing news every day. Some of them are national and some are international. All of the media is not accurate.

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About Afghan Newspapers

Afghanistan is a country with a rich tradition of journalism and media. Despite years of conflict and political turmoil, the country has a diverse range of newspapers that cater to different segments of society.

One of the oldest newspapers in Afghanistan is the Anis Daily, which was founded in 1927 during the reign of King Amanullah Khan. It is considered one of the country’s most respected newspapers and has a wide readership across the country. Another popular newspaper is the Daily Afghanistan, which was established in 2005 and is published in both English and Persian.

Other notable newspapers in Afghanistan include the Daily Outlook Afghanistan, which is published in English and is known for its balanced and unbiased reporting, and the Etilaat-e-Roz, which is published in Dari and is one of the most widely circulated newspapers in the country.

Despite the proliferation of online news sources, newspapers remain an important source of information in Afghanistan. Many Afghans, especially those in rural areas, still rely on newspapers to stay informed about national and international news. However, the newspaper industry in Afghanistan faces many challenges, including censorship, financial instability, and the ongoing threat of violence from insurgent groups.

In recent years, there have been concerns about the safety of journalists in Afghanistan, with many reporters facing threats, intimidation, and violence. In particular, female journalists have been targeted by extremist groups who view their work as a threat to their conservative values. Despite these challenges, Afghan newspapers continue to play an important role in shaping public opinion and informing the public about the issues that matter most to them.

Afghan Newspapers And News sites

1. Afghanistan Times Daily – Afghanistan Times Daily is a national newspaper of Afghan. It also has an English international version for worldwide. The newspaper was published in Kabul, Afghanistan. It is one of the largest newspapers in Afghan for publishing national and international news.

2. Outlook Afghanistan – Outlook is the oldest and independent English newspaper in Afghanistan. The newspapers published their daily news based on come category. The categories are also divided into two-section national means Afghanistan and International. They include Opinions, Editorial, Interviews, Cartoons, Readers’ View, Archives, Contact US, and About US.

4. Khaama Press – Khaama Press is a leading national Newspapers In Afghanistan. It is also the largest online news service media in Afghanistan. It has online and print versions. The media press multiple newspapers in one command. You can read this reputational newspaper to learning more about the Afghan internal view.

5. Etilaat Roz – Etilaat Roz is a national newspaper. Although the newspapers published both news local, national and international but the newspaper published news with the afghan language. It is a leading and much popular newspaper for publishing organic and authentic news.

List Of Newspapers In Afghanistan

Now I’m going to share with you other reputational newspapers in Afghanistan. All of the newspapers publish news from real sources through journalists. Afghanistan is a country that counted war rebellion. For this reason, many people and channels journalist always collect their news for the published press.

So, Let’s see the main newspapers and news sites for the news and daily updates of Afghan. If you know more about them then click on the link below and read a daily basis online newspaper or electronic media on the site.

1. Ariana News

2. Salam Watandar

3. Mandegar

4. Tolafghan

5. Wadsam

6. Larabar

7. Arman e Mili

8. Pajhwok Afghan News

9. Bakhtar News Agency (BNA)

10. Taand


12. 8 Sobh (Kabul)

13. Afghan Paper

14. Weesa

15. Tolonews

16. Afghan Voice Agancy (AVA)

17. Shamshad TV

18. Azadi Radio

19. Benawa

20. Kabul Press

21. Kabul Times (English)

22. Sayah Online

23. Afghan Online Press

24. Ansar

25. Lemar TV

26. EQM weekly

27. Sabawoon

28. Ariaye

29. Bokhdi News Agency

30. Pashto VOA

31. Dari VOA

32. Daily Afghanistan


34. Rohi

35. Eslah Online

36. Afghanistan Analysts Network

37. Jawedan

38. ‎Farsi

39. Afghan Sabawoon

40. Markazi Press

41. Mehwar‎


43. Afganistan Sun

44. Afghan Islamic Press (AIP)

45. Herat Paper

46. Afghanistan News

47. Yadgar Afghan‎

48. Dawat Media

49. BBC World Service : Pashto

50. Sputnik News Afghanistan

51. Elonat Magazine

52. Yahoo news | Afghanistan

These are the most readable and popular newspaper sites for Afghan people who know about their daily activities. You can read all of the newspapers via online media. The newspapers also have kinds of versions. If you need them then click on the newspapers and visit them. After then scroll the mouse wheel and select your need.


Q: What are Afghan newspapers?

A: Afghan newspapers are publications that provide news and information related to Afghanistan, its politics, economy, society, culture, and other issues.

Q: How many newspapers are published in Afghanistan?

A: The number of newspapers published in Afghanistan varies over time, but there are several daily and weekly newspapers that operate in the country.

Q: What are some of the popular Afghan newspapers?

A: Some of the popular Afghan newspapers include Daily Afghanistan, Afghanistan Times, Daily Outlook Afghanistan, Hasht-e-Subh Daily, and Arman-e-Milli Daily.

Q: Are Afghan newspapers available in other languages besides Pashto and Dari?

A: Yes, some Afghan newspapers are also available in English and other languages, such as Urdu and Persian.

Q: How can I access Afghan newspapers?

A: Afghan newspapers can be accessed through their websites, which are usually in the respective language the newspaper is published in. They can also be accessed through print copies available at local newsstands and bookstores in Afghanistan and neighboring countries.

Q: Are Afghan newspapers reliable sources of information?

A: The reliability of Afghan newspapers varies, and readers should exercise critical thinking and consider multiple sources when consuming news and information. Some Afghan newspapers may have biases or be influenced by political or other interests.

Q: Can I submit articles or letters to Afghan newspapers?

A: Yes, many Afghan newspapers welcome submissions of articles, letters, and other content from readers. However, you should check with the specific newspaper for their submission guidelines and requirements.

Q: Can I subscribe to Afghan newspapers?

A: Yes, many Afghan newspapers offer subscriptions to their print and digital editions. You can usually find subscription information on the newspaper’s website or by contacting their customer service department.

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